*Why Is “Relapse Prevention” So Darn Hard To Find & Obtain?*

Why is relapse prevention so elusive to many of us in recovery? I’m finding it’s NOT just in personal recovery. It seems that the “Clinical & Medical Treatment & Rehab Centers” also seem to ask the same question. I was reading a post on LinkedIn, in one of my recovery groups I’m a member of, the discussion was about just THAT, why does Relapse Prevention seem to slip through the cracks in many Rehab & Treatment Centers. This question was actually posed by a CEO of a treatment center no less. So, I pondered this question. See, when I began my many “Vain” attempts to recover and STAY in it, and, Yes, it did take a LONG while for the “OLE LIGHT BULB” to go off over my head, and finally GET IT! ….lol….funny now, but not then. I to had the same problem, in GA meetings, in Treatment, in Personal & Group Therapy. They touched on the subject, but not In-Depth. So I decided to make up my own personal, *Relapse & Recovery Guidelines* and share them with you.  (First~~) Have a phone plan in place! Make a list of your Sponsor, Supportive GA members, your councilor if OK, friends who YOU know will Answer the phone when you call.  THIS IS very important if you have to travel by yourself as well. When you get an Urge or Trigger, pick the phone up and CALL someone to help talk you threw it. It really does work. (Second~~) BE AWARE of how your Feeling. If you wake up in the morning, and you CAN FEEL your having built up feelings, or you come into a disappointment, or let down, DON”T leave the house. If your at work, eat lunch AT WORK, don’t leave the building. I can not tell you how many times I’d get into it with a co-worker, get mad, then GO gamble on my lunch hour!! Trust me….It doesn’t make you feel any better. (Third~~) There is a REASON WHY~ GA, AA, NA, & any other A……HAS it in there Combo-Book, “Stay away from “Risky” places, Don’t Test Or Tempt yourself, and Don’t Associate with others who still USE, Drink, Gamble, Smoke”……..I think you get the picture. Those words are in the book for a reason! NO Relapse. ONE BIG thing I learned about Relapse, and learning about the “CYCLE” of addiction is that, even if you relapse, there WAS something that either SET you OFF, Triggered you, or happened DAYS before you relapse. You have a “Build Up” process before you use.  Me for Example, I would actually get very excited, built up feelings a few days around “PayDay”…..and MY Diseased Mind would kick into high gear!!  NO Lie, then the battle starts with the mind & the heart….”do I go and try to win money I’ve lost”, “Maybe I’ll hit a Jackpot and Win all I’ve lost and make up what I lost last Week, or last Month, or even Last Year!,……YES…..That is how *CRAZY* & Diseased our thoughts, thinking, and mind works when your an Addict of Anything. So of course, (Fourth~~) GIVE YOUR MONEY to your spouse, a trusted, friend, anyone. Don’t carry much money. Give over the checkbook & ALL ATM, Debit, and Creditcards. Now I can here the “Screams” of Men’s Ego’s” saying, WOMAN R U Crazy?? No, but if you want to Recover, and Not Relapse, you’ll TAKE my Advice. LEAVE your EGO at the Bank…..LOL…Lastly, hear are a couple good “Relapse & Info” websites you may want to take a look at below. Relapse doesn’t have to happen in your recovery if YOU CHOOSE. We need to take some of the accountability & responsibility of our own recoveries. We are the one’s who make the choice if the path to recovery is going to be Hard or Even Harder. WHAT truly helps me from becoming “COMPLACENT” in my recovery?     Is do something each & everyday for your recovery. It maybe reading a recovery book, re-work one of your 12-steps, visit a Recovery Website or Blog and post, (a good one for Gamblers) http://www.sfcghub.com/  or write in, or start a recovery journal. *AWARNESS IS KEY*  Check out these two websites for Help on Relapse Prevention. http://www.addiction-recovery-expose.com  & http://www.cghub.org/rlapprevention1.htlm  http://www.Simplesite.com/CatherineLyonAddictedToDimes  *I WISH all of you the Best in and on your recovery journey always! God Bless!

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