*Another Memorial Weekend has come & gone*

And it is so,……Another Memorial Weekend has come and gone already. Summer is approaching fast, and soon it will be all fun in the sun. We had an awesome weekend here in So. Oregon on the rivers edge of “The Famous Rogue River”….Fun was had by all, with a Sat morning Parade,big amusement park and food booths in Riverside Park, and fireworks we watched from our deck on Fri & Sun nights. The Budweiser capsule boats drag racing up and down the river, hearing the little kids squeals from the kiddy rides.  The only thing I would keep going back to though, was how many Memorial weekends I blew because of my past addiction to addicted gambling. When I was in the middle of it, I didn’t care about boats, or a parade in town, or being a part of my own community festival. Nope, back then I was  to busy with the “ME” syndrome. Just being selfish within my addiction. I had no time for anything else but to waste all my money, and stuffing those damn slot & video poker machines. I wasted not only money, but I also lost precious time I can never get back!! And I always told myself, someday I will stop gambling,  yes, I know I have to. But that day just never came for me because I just kept telling myself, “I can control my gambling,” or “I’ll hit that huge WIN anytime now, and I won’t Gamble Again”…..Well, I think we all know how that turns out. What?…..You say you don’t know how it turns out?…..Let me enlighten you.  (And of course this is not a pity party, nor a “OH POOR ME”) It is the REALITY OF WHAT ADDICTION WILL STRIP & TAKE FROM YOU…..Your Home, Car, Family, Jobs lost, Money Gone—No Savings, no Retirement money, no life Ins, then goes your self-worth, self-esteem, pawn anything worth value, including your wedding ring, TV, DVD player & more! Next is jail, a criminal record, your reputation, then there goes your mind, heart and then your soul, until your on your knee’s BEGGING GOD to take your life!, when GOD doesn’t answer you, you try to do it YOURSELF. That was then…..This is now!! I live my “Best Life” in Recovery each and everyday. It can help heal you, and you gain some sense of sanity again.  You begin to feel & hear the “Quite” of your soul. Slowly, happiness begins to return. Yes…..it takes hard work in recovery, but YOU will be so better for it, and you get your LIFE BACK in Return. I truly hope you all had a wonderful and fun Memorial Weekend! **If you know someone who maybe a addicted or problem gambler, please see the Recovery Resources Page listed here “Recent Pages and Posts”**God Bless,*Catherine Lyon*                                       

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