*Addiction knows No Boundry’s on who it Strikes*

*Addiction knows No Boundry’s on who it Strikes*

As many of us know, addiction has no bounds of whom it will strike. Those who are regular people, it will clutch your teen, a loved one, and even those who are rich and famous, and on the outside seem to have it ALL!  So I was sad to say the least about a guy who. I love his music, and have seen him in concert a few times since the early 1980’s, YES, I’m talking about *Prince of Darkness* himself, *Ozzy Osbourne* Now it’s no secret that he as had a 31+yr battle with addiction, and just when you think your doing well in recovery, we get *Complacent* and *Comfortable,* then before you know it, you go out on Tour, and started slowly slipping away. That is how I think it may have happened for Ozzy. He admitted he’d been using for the last 18 months, and his family says they had no idea he was using again. So my *Heart* & Prayers* go out to him and his family that they get through this set back, and for us in Recovery, it proves how important *Relapse Prevention* & *Complacency* is in our own recovery! You can click on http://ow.ly/lF3vI  for the video, or learn more about Relapse Prevention at  http://MyAddiction.com  and if your on Twitter on Wednesday Nights come join a Recovery Community of Professionals and all in recovery at  http://www.tweetchat.com/room/addictionchat/  starts at 6pm-Pacific 9pm-Eastern standard times!!  Hope to see you THERE! *Author, Catherine Lyon*

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