*Fear of Addiction & A Mothers Heart Break*

I have met some really nice people along my journey in recovery, but I have a *SPECIAL* place in my heart for a woman who has been having to learn what it’s like to be the mother of a son who is an addict. Her name is Trish, and she has been sharing her thoughts and feelings about what it is like to have a child taken by addiction, and painfully learning as she goes, not to be the Enabler, or think she can make him stop or get treatment. No, he has to be willing to make that *Surrendering Choice* on his own. She has been posting this heart breaking story as she lives it. So I thought it was important to show, and “Share”a different view of addiction, other then my own. I warn you, have tissues ready, and I will keep you updated on her posts of a *Mother of an Addicted Son*…….

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 01:08 PM PDT

How do you stay positive when you know what’s coming? How can we send out positive vibes for a better future when there is just so much fear?

I try hard every day to be positive, to detach with love, to understand that I am powerless over another persons addiction and to keep hopeful. I have tried to stop talking about my sons addiction and focus on the small steps he is taking to move forward. The problem is that it’s impossible to heal overnight. Trust isn’t built over a short period of time and deep hurt and pain don’t just go away. Having said all that, neither does addiction. A wonderful ‘recovery friend’ of mine has mentioned that surrendering to a higher power was necessary for him, that the support of a 12 step group was necessary for his honest recovery. I agree. I think these things are vital to the recovery of a parent also. Let go and let God. That is powerful. It doesn’t have to be religious, if religion isn’t your belief, your higher power is a recognition of something bigger than yourself. A support group, the universe, whatever feels right for you.
I’m terrified. I have had signs that my sons dark journey is not yet over. He has two weeks left in the group home, I’m scared to go ‘back there’, back to that loneliness, the fear for his daily safety, the fear of his criminality, fear for his life. I fear for my daughters recovery, my little one’s feelings of safety and I fear for all of us.
 I know I am not alone but sometimes I feel like I am in a room full of lonely people walking aimlessly searching for answers, a room where there are no answers, only more questions, more uncertainty. We are all looking for the same thing, hope.
Al anon and Nar Anon groups are highly recommended for families of addicts. Smart recovery also offers family support groups online. If you are a family suffering addiction, find a support group today.

**IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEND TRISH RECOVERY SUPPORT, PLEASE VISIT AND FOLLOW HER SITE AT:  http://recoveryforfamilies.blogspot.com/  I KNOW SHE WOULD APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT!*** God Bless All! *Catherine Lyon~~*Addicted To Dimes*


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