*My life is in Recovery, My passion is being a Writer*

Issues of women in Pakistan *Needs to Opened in word or reader**In honor of a *Special* young man in my life, Rehman, and a *SPECIAL* Birthday Honor, and who was my very first Facebook friend when I first joined. At the time he was living in Pakistan, where he was born and raised. Since I’m fascinated with others Culture and Traditions from other countries,  and we began communicating often on FB and before long my husband and I would Skype with him often.  He showed us his home on the computer, saw his father. As we got to know more about him, he had told me early on that his mom had passed away not to long ago. It was clear while talking, that he badly missed his mother, and her being a presence in his life. That’s been almost  year ago now. His name is Rehman, and we have become so close that I call him my “Adopted Son” and he calls me MOM. He is now living in Dubai with his sister, as he found a better job there then the one he had in Pakistan.We talk about me going to visit him there, which would be a *DREAM* come true, because then I can check that off my Bucket List!!…lol…but also would love to finally meet this young man I’m proud to call my son. You see, others in different countries have many of the same FEELINGS as we do in America about having freedom, being treated equally, and work hard to get ahead in life. Not all Middle Eastern’ers  are One Sided, or full of Hate like some people believe. I SAY to that, your ignorance is fear, because at the end of the day, ALL PEOPLE, ALL RACES, Of ALL RELIGIONS, when that is ALL Stripped away, we are all GODS CHILDREN and are HUMAN BEINGS with a Heart and Feelings. I wanted to share my SON’S Article that I’ll be using. as I’ve asked many to be a part of a New Book project I’m working on. Here is a Sample of what he wrote, and more important, how he feels about a issue regarding “WOMEN’S ISSUES IN PAKISTAN.” His English  is a wee bit rough, but you’ll get the Point!……***MY NEXT Subject is a *Showcase* for a good friend and Fantastic New Author, *Jeremy Shory*….he is a great and Humorous guy. We met on Twitter, and we wanted to help each other by reading each others book, and do reviews. I have to say, as I wrote in my reviews, I’m not one to read “Dark Magical Fantasy” type books, but this one was Awesome, called, “The Orion Chronicles” The journal of forgotten secrets. In not giving away any of the book, please see some Reviews I’ve done on this Unique Read at: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-orion-chronicles-jeremy-shory/1115477132  also http://goodreads.com/series/105240-orion-chronicles  and  http://www.amazon.com/Orion-Chronicles-Journal-Forgotten-ebook/B00BKAZLS/  *ENJOY*            The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets                        

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