**Reality Can Really Hurt, but Death is not an Option**

 How does a young, vibrant, beautiful, 15-year-old girl who seems to have it all, get to a point in her life that she’d feel better off DEAD than  Alive.  Even with money, fame, and a supportive family you still can be deeply unhappy in this world! I’m sure being the daughter of a *Superstar Pop Legend* doesn’t help. I mean the stress and pressure of being the late pop stars daughter must be huge, and obviously  for Paris, all the other peer pressure that comes with just being in your teens!  Having people follow you and cameras stuck in your face all the time, being watched by all the world, seeing yourself being “Talked” about in tabloids and magazines. Just not being able to be a Normal teen girl.  Just hearing about the bottle of pills, let alone cutting her wrists REALLY bothers me. As a person in recovery myself, many red flags were SCREAMING AT ME…..I know it’s not a secret Paris has had some mental/emotional health issues, in the way of Anxiety, Depression, and more. I mean look at the health issues of her late father, and tell me HER FAMILY wouldn’t be worried that Michael’s children could inherit those same issues. But sadly, I know how it feels when your world starts to go fuzzy, then slowly into “Blackness” as though your brain is saying to you it has had enough, and then….NOTHINGNESS!  You see, I’ve been to that very dark, low place where Paris was, and can understand how you get there. For me, it was being undiagnosed with Bi-polar 2, at times severe Depression, and Panic disorder. I knew I had anxiety issues way far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was in the middle of my compulsive addicted gambling that all HELL  broke loose, and I ended up in the hospital via the police, given a mental/emotional evaluation, then admitted into a Addictions/ Mental  health Crisis Center for 15 days, with the first 4 on suicide watch.  Wow, talk about feeling low?  I didn’t remember any of it until I woke up in the Crisis Center!! It was if my body and my mind had a total Black Out!  A lot was happening in my life that I was using my gambling addiction to escape and mask what I was dealing with. My best friend Sue had just passed of cancer, then I lost my mom as well, lost my job, and all the stress from hiding all the money I’d lost from gambling from my husband, just everything!!! Just before it all turned BLACK, I actually thought I was dying. After all this, I felt it was better for me to just be Dead then Alive, then I wouldn’t be a problem or burden to Anyone! Now if we think back to when Michael Jackson passed, and what we know now that all took place, I can surely understand how Paris, this beautiful young girl could get to the point of suicide. Now, I’m not a religious freak, but the bible tells us not to get to attached to the “Finer Things in Life” to try to fill the emptiness we may feel at times in our life. The only thing that can bring you back to the Real World is having a deep relationship with the lord. Your relationship with god is “Simple”…..all he asks of us is to Believe in him, Repent for our past sins, for he sent his only SON to die on the cross so that his blood shed to forgive all the sins of this world. And lastly, he only asks that when we have a time of crisis, trials, and tribulation, to come to HIM, to seek guidance from him, and he will fill that Black Hole with his fulfilling love, instead of us searching in Vain of material things in this world to fill the emptiness in our Hearts & Souls. It is just that Simple!  Believe, Repent, be in a Relationship with God, and see how many blessings you will be rewarded with, and Eternal Life as well??? WHO wouldn’t want that???  We can read all the self-help books, go get therapy & seek council, do meditation, yoga,…..or…..Just trust in, and go to the lord with your troubles. The lords service is FREE of charge, with many rewards for your Investment in him………I pray for Paris Jackson and all her family that she will get through this. Prayer can Heal All Wounds.  God Bless!  Author, *Catherine Lyon* 🙂 🙂  



USMagazine, Saturday, June 8, 2013, 8:00am (PDT)

  • The Jackson family is sticking together. Following Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt on Wednesday — where pop legend Michael Jackson’s daughter was rushed to the hospital after cutting her wrists and swallowing a bottle of pills — her family is supporting her in any way they can.

    The 15-year-old was transferred to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on Thursday, June 6, and a source tells Us Weekly exclusively that visitors have included grandmother Katherine Jackson, biological mother Debbie Rowe, brother Prince Michael Jackson and aunt LaToya Jackson. Grace Rwaramba, a former nanny, has also stopped by.

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