*Meet A “True” Author ~~ My good friend *Arthur*….Really!! No Joke!!…His is really Arthur Crandon*…lol..

On a Final Father’s Day Evening,
I thought it might be fun to end this day with an “Author Showcase” for a friend and of a *Feline Up Coming *Deadly Election*note!  See, My good friend Arthur Crandon’s Re Launch of his book with the same name will be out very soon!!……But as you’ll see & read, Art wanted to do it on a *Humorous Note* I’ve read the first edition, and it’s FANTASTIC!! *Catherine* 🙂 🙂


Cats Unite – vote for the cat – get rid of the rats!  The ‘cat blog’, as my weekly drivelling’s  have come to be known, is proud to announce it’s support for Morris  (a proud looking black and white puss)– a Mayoral candidate in the eastern Mexican city of Xalapa.  The Elections are on July 7th.  Please, if you are an overseas Mexican – sort out your postal vote quickly – this ambitious mouser needs all the support he can get! 
He is running on a platform of “It will take a cat to get rid of all the rats.” A reference to the reputation for corruption of some of the more mainstream politicians. If he is elected he promises to rest and frolic – just like the current appointees!  He has solid support from the felectorate, and is fiercely pro choice (a popular cat food brand).  His campaign is well organized and he has galvanized support from all corners of the globe
– you can like his face book page HERE  – at the time of writing there are more than 112,000 likes, or you can check out his Pawlicies on his website HERE   In support of Morris, we show all cat PIC’S this week. Good luck to you Morris.  I will try to put in some time campaigning for Morris in the next week or two, if he replies to my email asking for a plane ticket to Mexico.   If he doesn’t I will not be at a loss for things to do. *The re-launch of Deadly Election* is really happening!  By the end of the month the book buying public will be awed by the fantastic new cover and mesmoriezed  by the amazing and captivating story of a greedy and murderous Phillippino politician – and his downfall.  More on that next week!
A final note of introspection. The RE-launch of the book has taken six months longer than I thought it would. The niavete and pride with which I first published the book, self-edited, self formatted, self designed cover, self-marketed, self-everything is now replaced with a quiet glow of comfort – the book now has the polish it, and it’s readers, deserve.Khalil Gibran said that our children are arrows and we are the bow – we can direct them, but once we let them go we have no control over them.  *Deadly Election* is my baby.  I am about to shoot him off into the big world.  Be kind to him, please.   Don’t forget to register – you’ll get my blog delivered right into your inbox – (over there on the right – I am developing lots of exciting products and ideas for my subscribers) – and you will get advance notice of Give away’s  and promotional events.

Please follow me on Twitter – @arthurcrandon – and, like me on Facebook – www.facebook.com/arthurcrandonauthor
Finally, here is the latest news from the election campaign


Vote for Morris if you know what’s good for you

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