*Meet My Recovery Sister Rhonda Johnson*

Meet my good friend and a woman with a *Beautiful Soul* *Rhonda. Johnson* We met on LinkedIn, and I feel it was a *Devine* meeting at that.  She blessed me by inviting me to a Supportive and Informational Group on LinkedIn called, {A.T.T.} Addiction The Truth…….So, if your a member on LinkedIn, you should come check out this Recovery Group. We have discussions on recovery, writing, sharing, our recovery books, AND MORE!

So…….Meet Rhonda,  

Who is Memoirs Rhonda Johnson?


June 20, 2013Leave a Comment


Memoirs Informer 084Memoirs Rhonda Johnson, a former cosmetologist, concierge, customer service rep and a past intern for the executive office of the late Dr. Dorothy I. Height, President and CEO of the National Council of Negro Women. Born and raised in the nation’s capitol Washington, D.C . she is an evolving author, inspirational speaker and natural leader. 


From her personal quote “Words can be powerful, carefully put together they are priceless” Memoirs of an Addict Fact or Fiction the book was born.


Memoirs Rhonda’s  experience includes writing plays, conducting focus groups and engaging in speaking affairs. She has been  recognizes and featured by the company Byte Back http://byteback.org  a non-profit computer program located in Washington, D.C., in their monthly newsletter October 2012 for her book, computer training completion and success surviving life and the many challenges associated with having a dual diagnosis and over-coming her struggles. On May 22,2013  she was asked to be a speaker for the  Byte Back  computers organization at the J.W. Marriott in Washington, D.C. with an audience of 250 + people.


Her latest project Addiction The Truth {A.T.T.} Writing Group on LinkedIn is a comradery  writing group for survivors of all forms of addiction. {A.T.T.} members write poems, inspirational expressions, engage in therapeutic discussion and demonstrate leadership.


Memoirs Rhonda Johnson believes her time has come. No matter what challenges a person encounters in this road to life… All things are possible with faith in God!


www.memoirsof2165.com ****GO BY RHONDA’S BLOG AND SAY HELLO!!**  *GOD BLESS!  Author, *Catherine Lyon*


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