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New Hope Recovery Center


If you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning or Intersex and you are seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, follow the guidelines below to make sure you are asking the right questions when inquiring about a treatment center’s program.  We talk about how you can find the best treatment program for you, what you should look for, and what will give you the best chance at success!

First, there are a few questions you should ask any Addiction Treatment Center you are considering:

  1. Do they offer specific programming for LGBTQI individuals?

Ask to see the specific programming they provide for LGBTQI individuals.  Studies have shown more favorable results from LGBT-specialized programs.  It is not unusual for a treatment facility to claim they take LGBT clients, but do not provide specific groups to provide a more individualized experience. You will want a place where they have really thought about LGBTQI individuals and developed unique programming.

  1. If they offer LGBT specific programming, what does it consist of?

Do they have unique LGBT groups and educational workshops?  Also, do they specialize or have experience treating your particular addiction? Ask about their past experience in treating your addiction for LGBT individuals.

  1. Has their staff received LGBTQI training?

Their staff should be trained and have a good understanding of the unique issues facing the LGBTQI Community.   You will want a place where they do more than say they don’t discriminate!

  1. What are the components of their treatment program overall?

The best treatment programs combine individual counseling, group therapy and education based on individual client needs. Also, most clients benefit from a whole-person focus, so look for experiential activities such as yoga, meditation, art expression, health/nutrition and other activities and educations.  You will likely want treatment that looks at the many aspects of your life.

  1. After treatment is over, what then?

It is important to understand what options you will have after treatment.  Look for a large continuum of care that gradually transitions you back into your everyday life.  You will want continued communication with the facility and your peers in treatment.  For example, at New Hope Recovery Center we offer a minimum of 6 months of aftercare (weekly support group held by a counselor), so that clients can continue to have a sober support system and access to a professional outside of their normal 12 step meetings. After clients complete aftercare, we encourage them to share their sobriety, wisdom and support by becoming a volunteer for our Panel meetings and helping new clients.

Now it is time to ask yourself two important questions:

  1. Do you feel comfortable at the treatment center?

When visiting treatment centers, many people feel anxious.  So some nervousness and tension can be expected.  But overall, do you feel welcomed?  Do you feel that the facility is a place you would like to be for several weeks?  After spending some time there, did you start to feel comfortable and more at home?  If so, these are great signs that the treatment center could be a good fit for you. Ideally you will want a place where you don’t feel like just a number.  You want to be where the staff and counselors know you, are friendly and helpful and are interested in you as a person.

  1. Is the center a place you can imagine staying involved with after treatment?

We have found our clients do best when they can continue to be involved in recovery with our center even after treatment is complete.  They share their accomplishments, help clients who are new to recovery and feel at home with everyone at New Hope Recovery Center.  This on-going connection helps them continue to lead healthy, ever improving and amazing lives.

By taking these steps and considering these suggestions, we are sure you will find the addiction treatment center that is best for you and will give you the greatest chance for success.  Congratulations on your decision to get help!

New Hope Recovery Center is certified by the NGLCC as a LGBTBE (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Business Enterprise). Our treatment center offers personalized individual therapy and we have a LGBTQI Program, called New Hope with Pride, catering to the unique circumstances of the LGBTQI Community.  You can contact us at info@new-hope-recovery.com or call us at 773-883-3916.

Written by: New Hope Recovery Center

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