Internet Evangelism: A Lesson in Etiquette

*I felt this should be *SHARED*on my Blog from Acgheen Ministries, because others should be not only “CAREFUL*, but have a WEE BIT of ETIQUETTE, and RESPECT of others when talking *THE WORD OF GOD* with others. U know what I’m talking about. I to have had to unfriend a person or 2 because of them feeling so Strongly about their *Beliefs* that it can get out of hand. I was raised to ne careful when talking, Religion, Politics, and Money!….LOL *Catherine*

Rev. A. C. Gheen

If anything can stir up a good online controversy, it’s the subject of religion.  Perhaps the reason for this is that the internet allows us the opportunity to share everything we think or feel without anyone knowing who we are and with little risk that our words will be censored.  Electronic media allows us to send our deepest thoughts across the globe in a matter of seconds, spreading our version of the “Good News” to anyone who will listen and, oft times, to many who won’t.

That’s why, this week, we’re taking a look at a few rules of internet etiquette and sharing some tips for those who want to utilize the web to share their Christian faith.  It is our hope that these will help you become a better example of Christ in a less than Christ-centered medium and, perhaps, make a difference in the way the online community…

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