*My Monday SuperStars*~~ *Recovery is off Today….LOL*

**I have given my Recovery the day off!! NO…..that doesn’t mean a FREE for ALL, it just means I need a change of Pace. My recovery is always in my *HEART* & *MIND*…….

SUNDAY is my day for quite, Worship of my Lord who guides my Life, and to *Share* My *SUNDAY SUPERSTARS*!! FIRST UP is a great group of *Strong, and Beautiful Women* I just happened to meet this week by *De-Vine Intervention* and through a wonderful recovery sister Rachel, who had a Guest blog on their website! ***LET ME INTRODUCE~~SIX BROWN CHICKS!!******


Six Brown Chicks

About Six Brown Chicks

The Six Brown Chicks, composed of authors, business owners, relationship counselors, journalists and philanthropists, joined forces to provide bold, thought-inspiring ChicagoNow blogs.

The Six Brown Chicks bring real talk about life, love, and letting go of the drama with thought-inspiring blogs and unforgettable live chats.  We share our personal stories of strength in the name of  service.

Why B.R.O.W.N. C.H.I.C.K.S.?

Being Responsible Obedient Willingly Now. Choosing Honesty Integrity Commitment Kindness and Self-Worth. B.R.O.W.N. C.H.I.C.K.S.  symbolize all that is loyal, trustworthy, realistic and sincere.

In our view, brown is more than a hue–it’s a beautiful state of mind.


Zondra Hughes, CEO: award-winning editor, Huffington-Post blogger, author, social media power influencer, public speaker and doting auntie. www.Zondrahughes.com; @zondrahughes.

Chief Chick A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective.

Chief Chick Gina B. is a native Chicagoan, relationship columnist, and chronicler of human behavior who tries not to let her analytical nature get the best of her (although it often does).

Chief Chick Shoya Bowman retired in 2013 to focus on her career and family.

Chief Chick Yolanda Yanni Brown is a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” she’d answer without hesitation “Absolutely Everything.”

Chief Chick Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster is a powerful and life-transforming motivational leader, speaker and photojournalist, who helps others think, live, and inspire the world through her work.

**These Fabulous Ladies you may have seen, as they were Featured on *The lyanla Show~~*Fix My Life* but it is their OWN website I’d love for you to take a peek at…..and learn more about these Strong, Beautiful, out Spoken Women!**     Make sure you let them know, *Author, Catherine Lyon Sent You!….LOL…….

**Now Another wonderful, and very Talented, which I just found out!,
Meet a good friend of mine, *CHERI LISTNER* she has a awesome website that she has kept secret form me…..HHHHMMMM….LOL…and she blogs about all sorts of Topics. One I will share here below:, but here is a little about her!

Cheri Linster

Cheri Linster

Cheri Linster sends hugs and kisses to everyone who read her articles, left her comments, and supported her all throughout these years. She doesn’t need much to be happy—just quiet moments with her two daughters, friends, and her beloved pet Olivia. She likes curling up with Aerosmith music while writing poetry and stories. She thinks being MyLIFEin24Hours.wordpress.com’s new Administrator is pretty cool. A super-dee-duper inspiring lady. Follow her on Twitter @AeroBabe619.

Please click on her link to her *Fabulous Blog* above and *ENJOY* Here is a sample post from May 2013 I really loved!!

My Generation An Album Was More Than Just The Songs. By @Aerobabe619 via @MyLIFEin24-hours


I was in line at a store a few weeks back and a teenager was asking her Mother for  $75.00 for a  i Tunes card. The parent said yes and the teenager looked thrilled.

I went home that night and pulled out my stack of old LP’s. Memories started flooding in, like a waterfall. My KISS  platinum double  album, PINK FLOYD ‘The Wall”. Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors. And by 2am that morning i was half way through the stack, I felt that every album purchased was for many different reasons for all of us during that time. Some people purchased for the big songs on it and ended up with a groove burrowed into the album. But what i really want to talk about is how an album effected a lot of different mediums and not just music.

Art class every year had a festival. At the end of the last semester, one particular festival. I felt like I was in a record store. There were so many renditions of artists albums, and interpretations of songs it was fantastic. Pink Floyd “Dark side of the moon,” and many other artists.  The tables went on and on. I did a Painting of “Kings and Queens” by Aerosmith. I also loved that the art department was given 50 ceiling tiles by the superintendent and 50 kids were picked to paint a picture of their favorite album, book or movie at that time. It was a time capsule for the class in the ceiling. I got chosen and did the cover of Aerosmith’s “Draw the line”. The school was knocked down two years ago ,but the ceiling tiles went up for auction and the money went to a charity picked by the alumni. It was fantastic.AerosmithDrawtheLinealbumcover

The English department was in its poetry phase, this is where my love for poetry came from. That year our English teacher would use songs for us to interpret and write poems about what we thought the meaning of the song was. So many wonderful poems were written as we all viewed a lot of songs to mean different things.

The band would always pick a popular song that year and play it at the homecoming game,

When a new album came out, we pulled every inch of it apart, the songs the, artwork or pictures on the cover and in the sleeve if it had any. We would read the thank you’s  that the band or group was thanking when they were recording the album. If you didn’t see a name you regularly saw…well uh-oh maybe they broke up.

Side B or the songs we were not hearing played on the top ten or top 100′s.I always found at least three amazing ones. Example when “PUMP” was released, everyone was running around singing, “what it takes‘, I loved “Don’t get mad get even”.

I feel so much is missed . So much talent gets unrecognized, because you just push a button and buy the popular song. I bet a lot of great songs are missed do to the fact you only have the top tens being purchased.  I do hope that in school children are still expressing themselves in art and English and any other class using your favorite song or artist.

To me holding that album in your hands was holding a piece of the artists magic, its just not the same. When your holding a ipod or whatever way you listen to music now, your missing a great big piece of the hard work and soul searching that artist or band went through.

*What a great blog post, and not only could I relate, it brought back some Good Memories!** Thanks My Friend~~Cheri

***Lastly is my Good friend and ***CATMAN** and of course, a Fantastic writer & Author, *Mr. ARTHUR CRANDON* His New book just Released on Amazon.com called **DEADLY ELECTION**  http://amazon.com/Deadly-Election-Arthur-Crandon/dp/147923625X/  and is available in both paperback & eBook-Kindle.

Product Details
Know I have known Art for some time now, and I have to tell you how GENEROUS this man really is! His website/blog combo……has a little of everything! He goes out of his way to help other writers & authors. You can find full instructions on his site if your interested in *Self-Publishing* your book for FREE, on Create Space. He also reads and has Reviews on both Books & Films.

He really has been, and is a great friend, and supporter to me and my work about* Sharing Addiction Recovery* with others. AND…..you’ll find me and my book on his website as well! He lives and works in Hong Kong, has a Beautiful Family…(check out his Pic’s), and he LOVES CATS……Hence the nick name *CATMAN* You will surely understand this when you visit his Helpful website at: http://www.ArthurCrandon.com/ *Writing Matters/Blog blog blog
SO, go by his site Today, and tell him ***THE CRAZY CAT LADY~~Catherine sent you!!


"Be yourself...everyone else is taken." #bisexuality #inspiration

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