Addiction says…..

What a POWERFUL POST……Sometimes we need the SHOCK VALUE to get the Real Message!! My girl LORELIE has a way with Words! *Catherine*

Living In A World Of Hope


Hey little girl, come over here. I’ve got something you might need.

A pill to make you pretty, oh yes, indeed!

My name is addiction, I’m a snake in the grass,

When I’m finished with you – you’ll be kissing my ass.

I am cunning, and baffling, and powerful too.

I’m larger than life and bigger than you.

Shit nothing I say, is ever true.

Still, for me, there isn’t anything, you won’t do.

At first, I’ll be, your very best friend,

I’ll love you to DEATH – till the very end.

I’ll steal your thoughts, but you won’t know,

It’s no longer you, who’ll be running the show.

Your life will change, oh right away,

You’ll wake up wanting me, every day.

People will tell you, to leave me alone,

But you won’t listen, for you I own.

No one else, can interfere,

For if they do, they’ll pay…

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