Addiction. A game the whole family can play.

DO YOU know a FAMILY who is touched by Addiction?? This is a very Powerful Post that should be *SHARED*…..Author, Catherine Lyon

Living In A World Of Hope


It recently occurred to me I wear many hats when it comes to addiction. I’m the daughter of an alcoholic. I learned early to walk on egg shells and feel overly responsible for you. Your bad mood, was somehow my fault. I was eager to please with no well defined boundaries.

In my early teens I switched roles going from the care-taker to the scape goat. If I wasn’t going to get positive attention I was willing to settle for negative… and I got plenty of it. This is when I took my first drink, found my first love, and thought it a good idea to be a child, raising a child.

So now, not only am I the daughter of an alcoholic, I’m well on my way to being one. Wishful thinking became a way of life, living in and creating chaos, manipulating others and to top it all…

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