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People ask me…..WHERE DID CATURDAY come from??….I came up with the idea by using my nickname~~Cathy, short for *CATHERINE* & I have 2 CATS!  So I put the TWO together to make *CATURDAY*…,.It is a day that I spend with my 2 kitty’s playing, combing, A BATH if needed, which is actually a TASK in it’s self due to either of MY CATS LIKING WATER!!

Every now and then I like to take a break from the serious stuff of Recovery. I happen to have a NEW friend that has started following me here, which we met a few weeks ago and she mentioned my last *CATURDAY* Ramblin’s post……..and since it has been a little while, I thought I would do one today!!….Lets get the *SAD* & *MAD* out-of-the-way first thing,…….*MEET JUSTIN the little KITTY*……..

Image: Justin the cat (© Facebook)
*You may have read about the horrific ACT of some F_ _King teens did to this poor little guy back in April. He had been doused with gas and set on fire by some teens, and a GOOD Samaritan stepped in and saved JUSTIN……I won’t show any before photo’s, they are to graphic, but I’m HAPPY to say he is doing well, AND, has a New owner!! Here is a snippet!*

**Kitten set on fire feels better and has a new mommy**

There is a happy ending to the horror story of a kitten named Justin. The abandoned, abused sweetie has a new home. It’s been quite a journey to get to this point, however. On April 25, the 5-week-old was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire in a Philadelphia street by a still at-large alleged human. The cat was left with second and third-degree burns over one-third of his body. After rescue and surgery, Justin’s luck has improved. He was adopted by a woman identified only as Kelly last month, and is reportedly doing splendidly. “He has a full, beautiful coat of fur,” said his new mommy. “He has so much life in him and every day is just a new day full of adventures and just full of love and goodness. He is just the sweetest boy.”………………**I don’t know about YOU, but I DO hope they catch these teens and prosecute them to the FULLEST extent of the LAW!!!** I just don’t get it about kids today??…..Where are the Parents? Do they know there hoodlums are capable of such horror to an animal? Isn’t this the kind of thing Serial Killers do when they are younger?? Scary Thought!**
Now here is another Cat story that will warm your HEART………

Cat & deer best friends in Harrisburg, Penn. (Courtesy of a Care2 member via Care2, http://aka.ms/catdeercare2)


Cat & deer best friends in Harrisburg, Penn. (Courtesy of a Care2 member via Care2, http://aka.ms/catdeercare2)

Cat & deer best friends in Harrisburg, Penn. (Courtesy of a Care2 member via Care2, http://aka.ms/catdeercare2)


Cat & deer best friends in Harrisburg, Penn. (Courtesy of a Care2 member via Care2, http://aka.ms/catdeercare2)

Cat & deer best friends in Harrisburg, Penn. (Courtesy of a Care2 member via Care2, http://aka.ms/catdeercare2)   **HER IS A HUG TOO**!!

Cat-and-deer BFFs have one clear thing in common: *CUTENESS!

Possibly this big pussy cat has an inner lion telling it, “This should be your dinner, you wuss.” But a meal is one-time thing. Friendship is forever. And nothing is quite as adorable as this steady date the cat and a wandering deer have cooked up in a yard in Harrisburg, Pa., every morning. They share kisses and baths, and, yes, the deer even lets the kitty act out its mighty hunter fantasies by sitting still for the occasional gentle mauling. This photo gallery is just more evidence of what we’ve known forever: There’s nothing better than a friend, no matter what species you ARE!!

*NOW I’LL SHARE SOME *CATURDAY PIC’S* And let the photo’s DO the TALKING!!*

Cat photobombing a bouquet of flowers (http://cheezburger.com/6456375296)

“I wonder if there is fish in that vase?”

Fat & greedy cat (catshaming via Tumblr)  **MY CATS EAT ALL DAY LONG**


 Kitten draped over a woman's head (eHgg via Reddit)

“I’m tired of fighting with the computer for your affection. I give up.”

Cat draped on a closed book (TimeSpaceRedundancy via Reddit)

“That’s enough reading for now. It makes me sad that we never talk anymore.”

Cat standing in front of three computer monitors (Greesus via Reddit)

“Oh I’m sorry, were you trying to DO something?”

Pets have a way of getting what they want. Birds peck, dogs whine and turtles … well, walk slowly or something. But no pet is quite as persistent as a cat. They will scratch, cry, meow and generally act like spoiled brats until they get what they want. Or sometimes, they’ll lie in just he right spot — until you have no choice but to pet their belly.  Cats will KEEP  interrupting people who are trying to do get some work done. Just give up and pet the kitty, already. That’s priority No. 1………..

Cat interfering with a mahjongg game (gingerkid7716 via Instagram)                     “I said to put the iPad away. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”

.From Myles...LOOKS like my Buttons!!


No, not now, maybe later. Thanks....THAT'S MY BUTTONS!!

Tallest Cat Ever | Petside#586094#586094#586094NOW THAT’S ONE BIG KITTY CAT!! WOW!!

 **HERE IS MY BIG BOY~~Mr. Buttons Sleeping his favorite WAY!!**

Here is my "BOY" sleeping Gang UM Style!  Oh Mr. Buttons!

Cassondra_castroAND THIS??? WELL This is JUST PLAIN WRONG!! *                                     **HAPPY CATURDAY FRIENDS!! THANKS FOR COMING BY TODAY!!**
Uploaded by

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon…..*NOW I know this is NOT a CAT,….but it was JUST to cute to leave OUT!!..* God Bless All *

*Backwoods Barbie*


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