*More Caturday Recovery Ramblins~~Cats with An Attitude!*

Hello Recovery Friends and Blog Followers!

Yes….Once again it is *CATURDAY* Recovery Ramblin’s with Words & Pic’s.
Well, it has been a LONG Stressful week for Me, my Hubby, and our 2 Kitty’s!
Being a Writer, Blogger, and published Author, trying to write in a time of Recession, has taken it’s toll……ESPECIALLY when your being Evicted from the only security you have…..A Roof over your head. That is what I’ve been dealing with this week…….AND…..it’s Interesting, because I can tell the tension and stress we feel, our Cats can feel as well……..BY THE WAY THEY ARE ACTING….CAT ATTITUDES!

Of course the 1st thing I think of is…..”What am I going to DO WITH MY BABY’S??? My 2 KITTY’S???…..As many people know, NOT including my landlord of 7yrs……Writers don’t make a lot of money, even with the Freelance jobs I do, and JUST because I have ONE PUBLISHED BOOK out, everyone thinks I’M RICH!….Couldn’t be farther from the Truth!!


The look on this cats face is exactly how I felt ALL WEEK! Mixed with some depression.
Of course my #1 reason I wrote my first book, was having now almost 7 yrs in Recovery, I felt it was WAY overdue to be of Recovery Service to others who Suffer from Addicted Compulsive Gambling. I do sponsor others, but I wanted to Reach Out to others on a Larger Scale, to reach out and help as many people as I can.  WHY ??

To help *SHATTER THE STIGMA* around people of addiction problems, around people in Recovery, and about Mental/Emotional illness’s that I to suffer from, as many others do as well. It is why I’m unable to work a 40+ hour job. So I work from home. I’m a Writer, Author, Blogger, and Advocate against Addicted Compulsive Gambling and More! I don’t want anyone again feel that their ONLY WAY OUT is to commit suicide from Addiction, ANY Addiction!……THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!

I Will Not lay down and DO nothing about it. I will Continue to *Speak Up & Speak Out* about all these issues!!  Although, it will be kind of Ironic, I will Most LIKELY BE the 1st Published Author who becomes HOMELESS. Now THAT will be a very Interesting Book to Write!! I try to stay Positive, and Keep my *HUMOR* about me, because if I don’t???…..OLD MAN Severe Depression will be Knocking on my Kitty Door! And we can’t have that!

I also continue to *KEEP MY FAITH* as the Lord has does SO much in my Life in the last 7 years, he didn’t quit on ME and I’m NOT going to Quit on HIM! But dealing with all the Financial Challenges has made me feel……ALONE!

I think what really Upsets me the most of our Financial Challenges, is that we have known our Landlord & family for many years as friends. WE ALSO have been living here since my hubby lost his job 2008, took 15 months for him to find a new job. I started having Heart problems, plus dealing with Bi-polar, Panic, and Agoraphobia Disorders, and take medications that unfortunately have side effects.

Yes, we have gotten behind in our rent before, but we always got caught up???….So it makes me upset that after all these years renting from him, he would know this, AND HE IS STILL so Untrusting???……Another *STIGMA*…..I feel, AGAIN…..he thinks we are Not being HONEST?? Which makes me feel like THIS……

So, that is what I’m dealing with this past week, and My husband and I are dreading having to go to court to Explain ourselves……It is embarrassing to go in front of a Judge and  Strangers to explain your LIFE in public,……That we are GOOD PEOPLE,……Just like many out there who have lost our jobs, homes, a car,  but STILL working HARD.  The jobs don’t pay enough, nor is there any Full-Time jobs here. That we are doing our best, and don’t want to have to be Homeless and live in our car until we can save enough Money to find another place, have to lose my Cats.

We are not lazy people, we help others, my husband works very hard at his job,  but it seems the More we Work & Try, it never seems to be Enough.. He has been looking for a 2nd job, or a job that pays more, but to no avail. I’m on my 2nd Claim with the government, fighting for my SSI-Disability and NOW my Lawyer just had to file a *Federal Lawsuit* to Sue the government for my benefits and it  TAKES forever! IT’S CRAZY!! We can’t afford to move, so I’ve been starting to FEEL HOPELESS again.

Ever Been This Relaxed

So many Writer, Author, and Recovery friends told me they WANT TO HELP, So this is what another Writer friend told me to do. I have Set Up a *BOOK & Housing Fundraiser* to see If I can RAISE  ENOUGH MONEY TO keep us in our rental, and help ease the costs for my Next 2 books that are almost ready for Publishing. Cost of Editing, and The Book Cover Graphic Design. WE don’t have much time……..

SO, If you can Support Me as a Donor for my *Fundraiser* Here is the Link you can DONATE to TODAY!!  We would be so very Grateful & Blessed for any Support anyone can give!


**WHEN YOU DONATE, If you leave a Name & EMAIL address, ALL DONOR’S WILL GET A COPY OF MY RELEASED BOOK, “Addicted To Dimes” Which is the Least I can do for all YOUR Kindness & Generous Support!!***

AND MY 2 KITTY’S ALSO THANK YOU SO we won’t have to Give Them Away! *Callie & Buttons* are PART OF OUR FAMILY**

I WOULD ALSO BE BLESSED if you could SHARE MY Fundraiser Link with your Friends & Blog Followers……..

Our KITTY’S Would be very HAPPY YOU DID! http://www.YouCaring.com/Help-A-Neighbor/Help-a-Penniless-Author-/78315

YOU CAN also Support Us by Buying or Downloading a Copy of my Book as Well!!
http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984478485  *Addicted To Dimes* By: Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Found it! Another home for the dog!

**Because When ALL US CATS Stick Together, *MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN*!!

*Happy CATURDAY Friends*~~*May God Bless You All*!!

You'll have to get past my guards first!

*Even Our Cats are trying to Help Out! **


*Friends Helping Friends~~~THE END** 🙂 🙂 🙂

There is no chance for us...

**FRIENDS JUST HELPING FRIENDS~~ http://www.YouCaring.com/Help-A-Neighbor/Help-a-penniless-Author-/78315 ***

4 thoughts on “*More Caturday Recovery Ramblins~~Cats with An Attitude!*

  1. I understand your predicament and I myself have been on that journey before. Times are tough and I wish I could participate in your fundraiser. You have been such a wonderful influence here on WP for me. I really hope everything goes smoothly and that the SSI comes through soon. ❤

    I also, want to say how much I LOVE your kitty pics. They really made me smile and lifted my spirits!


    • Thank You SO much! You have a *Special* Heart my friend.
      I just appreciate you sharing the Link! Hugs! Catherine


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