“You Are A Writer” ~Contest~ “Am I A Writer”?

TODAY is the last for the Writers Contest I entered the beginning of this Month, for *The Positive Writer* My Entry submission was on Aug 4th, 2013 and the contest ends today, SO….I thought I would ReBlogg my Submission Post that went in for the contest! I’d been reading a lot of the submissions on there blog, and I’m sure I won’t come CLOSE to a Win, but I had to take a CHANCE!! Life Is FULL of Chances…. 🙂 Catherine Lyon

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           I happen to stumble upon an interesting Google+ post that was posted by a friend of mine in my “Circles”, *Troy Mc Laughlin* and it was about a “Writing Contest” on his friends website, Bryan Hutchinson. So, “I am participating in the “Writing Contest: You Are A Writer’ held by Positive Writer – See more details at: http://positivewriter.com  if your interested too!

Now, I have NEVER entered a writing contest before,….EVER….and the sheer thought brings on a “Panic Attack” in 0–to–60 seconds!!
But, what caught my eye was WHY he was presenting this contest, and the questions that should be pondered and answered within your Essay if you chose to pick up a pen and write it,……
 SO,…….Here I go!

Most of my working life was spent in Banking and Finance, and Collections. I hated math, and my grades in that area proved it. Funny…

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