Dear Diary….Today I……….(Page 5) Life Change at 50 with Bipolar & Agoraphobia

Hello Recovery Friends, Pals, and New Visitors,

I thought it would be fun to use Pic’s & Quotes today to SHARE how I’ve been feeling
as I continue to pack all our Stuff and get ready to Relocate from Oregon to Arizona.
My emotions have settled a bit, as they went from, Shock, to FEAR & PANIC, to Crying Jags, to Depressed, to WTF???……..It’s sinking in that I’m going for a LONG RIDE from one State to a few over!!

I’m NOT looking forward to the heat of Arizona, although my Doctor said it may
help my Bipolar and depression, but my Anxiety is still WAY UP!!

My Agoraphobia has been kicking in with the Chills, Fear, and Sweats of knowing I’ll have to walk out my front door, and out of the walls of my Comfort Bubble!!! I love Being within my walls of hidden truths and safe-ness. We are putting all our things in storage here in Oregon, as to make me comfortable knowing we will be coming back…….Hopefully.

So, today is one more day closer to DOOMS DAY it feels like to me, as on Friday morning we pick up our Rental Car and head SouthWest. My kitty Callie is doing well in her New Adopted home, which makes me feel better, but looming is,  NOT getting Mr. Buttons adopted out before we leave, WELL……I don’t EVEN want to GO THERE or the TEARS will start again. So, I’ll sign out of this page 5 Diary Entry……and bid you all GOOD DAY!

*Life Change at 50 with Mental Illness and being in Recovery…..SUCKS RIGHT NOW!!*
YES…..I KNOW…..change been my ATITTUDE……LOL….*

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


I thought I’d start my page entry in my Diary with this saying, because it really is how I feel about some of my Family Members right now….

Share this inspiring quote from 64-year-old Diana Nyad, who this weekend became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the benefit of a shark cage!
*BUT….ALL I need to do is Remember……I’m making my OWN DREAMS come True at 50!!….LOL…Became an Author!

Happy Tuesday, we're on the road to Autumn............have a great day!

**THIS is what I will MISS the most about Living in So. Oregon!!
WE have such Beautiful Fall Colors!!**

"Be the change you wish to see in the World"
**AGREED! It is why I WROTE MY BOOK Of Addiction & Recovery, as to HELP
Others who still Suffer, and MY BLOG to CONTINUE TO SHARE MY STORY AND JOURNEY, and to ADVOCATE against *THE STIGMA* around Mental Illness & Disorders TOO!**


**AND YES….Through all the DRAMA of Relocating….I STILL HAVE A SENSE


6 thoughts on “Dear Diary….Today I……….(Page 5) Life Change at 50 with Bipolar & Agoraphobia

  1. I so understand and can relate..:-) being recovery, family, hormones, weight gain, u know the list could go on…we are on this path together to lift each other up, cheer each other on and speak your truth. I posted a blog on ITR (InTheRooms) a couple of years ago and feel like sharing it with you and your readers about friends…:”My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. I know your door is always open for me, thank you for all you are and all you do. To be a friend involves risk. Friends confront each other when it’s needed, but they do it out of love and with compassion. All of us need a friend who will tell us when we are acting out of line, when we are “not able to see the forest for the trees.” Friends are there for us in the struggles rooting us on, maybe teasing us a bit, helping us get past the difficulties and eventually helping us find the gift embedded in them. Friends risk upsetting us, if it means we may become better people. We need to be grateful for these people. Theirs is not always an easy job. Many of us have big egos; we don’t want to be told that we are wrong. However, friends keep seeing the best in us, even when we aren’t acting our best. Theirs will be the faces we see when we look back at our lives, especially at the times of crisis and challenge. Prayer for the Day Higher Power, help me be a friend to both myself and others. help me to be grateful for my friends. Today’s Action Today I will work to bring out the best in myself and those around me, even if that means saying the hard things. If I must confront someone, I will only do it if I can do it with love and compassion.” Stay Blessed My Friend, jen _/l\_


    • Your so AWESOME Jen!
      Thanks for sharing this with Me & My recovery followers! I do agree that we are here
      to LIFT up each other, and to be of Recovery Service to others is really our *Call Of Duty*
      SO to speak, once we are secure in our recovery WE Pay-It-Forward! That is what I LOVE doing and try
      to do here on my Blog and through my book.
      Reason being is that my Friends who come Visit me here, and all New Visitors, you all have NO IDEA how much your Comments, Thoughts, and Discussions Mean to me since I suffer
      with Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia, which means I don’t always get outside often, even with the medications
      I take for that, and Bipolar2 disorder, I can go for a week or two before I get to a meeting, or church, SO
      I APPRECIATE all who come and say Hi and Support Me!! I have an Interesting YouTube Video & Link I’m going to TRY to
      Get Posted up here before I hit the road to Arizona, as it is about Mental Health & Brain disorders, Suicide rates and STATS that WILL SHOCK ALL…..And a Link regarding Military Persons and the high rate of Suicides…..
      I always love when you come by Jen, SO THANKS AGAIN!! Hugs & Blessings! *Catherine*


      • please e-mail me ( for some wonderful info about my homegroup TheBridge. we have seven meetings a week and all you need is a telephone. We are the first teleconference NA meeting and will be celebrating six years as a HG this December. You can also visit our website to get phone#, mission statement, meeting schedule etc… (designed to offer a bridge of support to isolated addicts all over the world). _/l\_ jen


      • Thanks much for this!! I will go put you Email in my Yahoo Address book!!
        I’m at ( Once I’m moved and settled, I need to also get
        back to *In The Rooms*!! I’ve been blogging at Cate Stevens,
        Thanks! Catherine 🙂


    • Thanks Much for taking the time to come by! Means a lot from such a *Famous* person as yourself!!…LOL..
      YES, I do have some good idea’s every Century or so….Your Daughter deserves to be on The Ellen show!

      Your HEART & Soul are Beautiful, and I really appreciate your Support and SO glad we have met on this place called CYBER-WORLD! Many Blessings & Hugs to you my Friend….*Catherine* 🙂


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