Dear Diary…..Today I said WTF?…..(Page 6 Entry) *Life Change at 50*

OK….SO, I had this Awesome Topic of seriousness and You Tube Video Link I wanted to share with all of you, And I will,……but as I signed on to the Web, a Story Headline popped up on my screen of a CAT,…..NOT just ANY CAT, this Cat is a *MAYOR* in Alaska!!! I KID YOU NOT….LOL….and you ALL KNOW I have a HEART & SOUL for CATS, So I could NOT HELP MY SELF, and thought I really need to SHARE THIS……THEN I’ll get to the Serious Stuff!

*BESIDES, My Humor is still in TACT even through all the moving CRAZINESS!*….

Feline mayor survives attack by dog assassin ~~REALLY? LOL…

Image: 'Stubbs,' honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska (Courtesy of NBC News)
Honorary Alaska mayor clawing his way back to health after vicious dog attack…

By M. Alex Johnson, Staff Writer, NBC News

The mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, was out of surgery Wednesday and is expected to survive after being attacked by a large dog over the weekend and suffering serious internal injuries.

Mayor Stubbs, 16 — whose title is honorary and who, by the way, is a cat — was heavily sedated after three hours of surgery for a punctured lung and a crushed sternum.

“Right now, they really have him very heavily sedated, because he’s in so much pain,” his owner, Lauri Stec, told NBC station KTUU of Anchorage.

Stec told The Anchorage Daily News that she hopes to visit Stubbs at Big Lake-Susitna Veterinary Hospital, about 70 miles away near Wasilla, on Thursday.

The mayor, whose honorary title was bestowed as a joke shortly after his birth in 1997, was walking around town when an irate canine constituent charged him about 11 p.m. Saturday (3 a.m. Sunday ET).

The suspect was still at large on Wednesday, described only as a “mean” and “large” local dog.

Stec told the Anchorage paper that Stubbs limped away to safety, setting off a search for him across the town of about 850 people in Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

“People were looking around with headlights and flashlights. Everybody was pretty upset,” Stec told the paper. “All I could think was ‘I can’t let him die out here in the rain.'”

Stec was accepting donations to defray the mayor’s medical expenses at Nagley’s General Store, where she’s the manager.


Now, to the more serious and interesting things. My good friend DeBorah Palmer happened to post this link to on LinkedIn and said it was a real good informational YouTube video. I just didn’t know what it was about until I watched it, and I
have to tell you I was SHOCKED!!

Now I Advocate for us who suffer from all types of Mental and Emotional illness & disorders, so when I seen this video, I said right away this HAS TO BE SHARED!…
WHY I was shocked, as I was hearing some of the Facts, Stats, and info that I had no Idea JUST HOW BAD, and HOW MUCH Farther we have to go for EARLY INTERVENTION so that many SUICIDES Don’t have to Happen…..

SO Please, even if you don’t know anyone with any type of Mental illness, this video WILL EDUCATE THE PUBLIC…The Link to the Video:
and is by: Thomas Insel….
It will change the way your look at others who HAVE Mental & Emotional illness and Disorders.

This next Link I hope you’ll watch is from our Military Sisters & Brothers who have come back from years of war with the Highest Ever Brain Injuries,  PTSD, and TO MANY Mental & Emotional illness SUICIDES are Happening! Here is the Link for this Video:

I know it has not been a secret about our Fine Military who fought for our country, and come back Stateside to there Homes being auctioned off, divorce, lack of proper Mental Health processing coming back home, which has made the Suicide Rate with Military Vets  and still Active Duty personnel Sky Rocket.

So the reason I wanted this to be my last Diary Entry before hitting the road on our Relocating Travels & Adventure, is to leave the post up for a while in HOPE that My
Recovery blogging community & Followers will SHARE these links with others.

Maybe with a little PRAYER it will help others, make a Tiny Dent in *The Stigma* around others with Mental Health and Emotional Disorders, and Educate the Public on the Challenges WE WHO SUFFER, have each day….

*Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon*

3 thoughts on “Dear Diary…..Today I said WTF?…..(Page 6 Entry) *Life Change at 50*

  1. Oh, my God. The firing pin. The firing pin.

    That was a heavy video. Amazing.

    My son saved my life, calling the ambulance. I had taken all those pills, but he took the firing pin.

    Amazing video.


    • I’m SO HAPPY we are both still here, helping others have some understanding and insight about Mental Health & Suicide. My 2nd attempt was taking all my Bipolar and Anxiety meds all at once. I just got so tired of the STIGMA, of people treating me different, working my recovery but things Mentally didn’t change. SO, I help others….because I can DO MORE ALIVE then Dead! These Video’s Are AMAZING!
      God Bless, Catherine


  2. Poor puss 😦 CRUSHED sternum??

    I love the picture though!

    I’m going to check out that video now. Suicide is a very sorry subject, to me.

    Great post!


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