*A Heart~Felt *SHARE* from a Good Friend’s Blog*

Hello Recovery Friends, Awesome Followers, and Seeker’s,

Now I know I promised this WEEK was going to be all about “Addicted Compulsive Gambling” the Disease,….but when I received my News Letter in my Email from my good friend, “Sandy Swenson”…I just had to Re~Blogg her Post from her informative blog. No matter WHAT type of Addiction we all may suffer, or maybe in recovery from, I think you can feel as a “Mother”, the “Heart Break” she must have had while writing this post.

Sandy is a *TRUE INSPIRATION* to me and, to many others as she shares her feelings in every thing she does on her Beautiful Blog. I hope if you find a little time in your day to stop by her blog and take a look around, you’ll find she IS A FANTASTIC WOMAN!……

Sandy Swenson

Sandy Swenson

The Place Where Love And Addiction Meet • Mother of two sons, one of whom is an addict •  Author • Open book

*Find Joy On Your Journey…..A Little about Sandy*

Life was good. Then my son became an addict.

The Joey Song: A Mother’s Story From the Place Where Love and Addiction Meet chronicles my journey of finding a way to survive my son’s addiction even if he does not.

When Joey was a toddler, I would sing to him the only song I knew all the words to: I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart; I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, down in my heart to stay.

He called it the Joey Song.

Well, Joey is down in my heart to stay — no matter what happens. And, I’ve learned the importance of keeping joy down in my heart — no matter what happens — too.

I’m not ashamed that my son is an addict; I’m sad he’s an addict. So, no more silence. I hope that on the pages of my book, this website, and my blog you find comfort and strength for your own difficult journey. You are not alone. We can be one strong voice against addiction; let’s sing The Joey Song together.


☼ Dear Joey: A Love Letter To My Son The Addict


Dear Joey,

I miss you. I ache for you to fill your place in my life.

Will I ever again feel your hug? Hear your laugh? See you proud?

I don’t want you to be an addict. I don’t want you to push me away. I don’t want you to die. I want you to be sober and happy and to fulfill your dreams and fill your soul. I want you to be Joey. But addiction is sucking the life out of you. Sucking the you out of you.

I’m haunted by the difficult life you are living; I’m sad for the life you could have but are missing; and I grieve for the loss of my son who is still alive. I stopped trying to contact you, not because I stopped caring, but because I had to stop the self-inflicted pain.

I made a lot of mistakes trying to help you, sometimes treating you like an adult when you were acting like a child, and treating you like a child though you’re an adult. I tried warm fuzzy love and I tried tough love. I tried keeping you from hitting bottom, bringing the bottom up to you, and getting you into treatment when I thought you’d hit bottom. And I struggled to recognize the difference between helping and enabling — I tried so hard to stay on the right side of an invisible line between helping you to live and helping you to die.

Through trial and error and lack of results, I learned that I can’t fix this for you. And I learned that I love you enough to bear the toughest love of all.

Sometimes love means doing nothing rather than doing something.

But, Joey, Letting Go is not the same thing as giving up.

There is a place in my life that is exactly your size.

I’m keeping it warm.



**I DON’T think much more need be said**
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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