“Just a great Reblogg”~~No matter who we are, we are just Human, Period.

Hello Recovery Friends, Readers, And Welcome New Visitors,

I have a Fantastic friend, author, blogger, and my number one “Supporter,” “Robbie Cox,”  who has a straight to the point Blog Post about “People, Life, and being JUST a regular person.

I also found it humorous, but insightful and TRUE! The reason I wanted to share it with all of you, is because it is “Simply” true that no matter WHO we are, WHAT we do for a living, and WHERE we have been in life, doesn’t really matter because bottom line is,…..WE ARE ALL HUMAN!

Some may make more money, some may have taken a different path, (like those of us who are in Recovery), or even you grew up with a “Silver Spoon” in one’s mouth, we are just all human, and a “Work In Progress” in this thing called “LIFE”……So here is how my friend Robbie sees it!

“The Mess That Is Me” Author, Robbie Cox http://www.themessthatisme.com

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Exhausting Fan

I’ve never been one who was overly impressed with celebrities.  I don’t go crazy with wanting to meet them and I refuse to wait in long lines just to say hi to someone who won’t remember I was ever there.  They are people just as we are people.  They may make millions of more dollars than we do, but I blame that on our skewed perception of what is really important in society today and not on them.  They wouldn’t be able to make that much money if we didn’t enable them to and I can’t blame them for making every dime they can while they can.
However, while I do not crave their attention, I do follow a few on Twitter.  If I am into a television show, I will usually tend to follow some of the actors who are on that show not to see what they are doing, but rather for the neat little trivia they sometimes tweet about their shows.  So far, the cast of NCIS has been the most fun to watch in my Twitter stream as Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray, Brain Dietzen and Pauley Perrette are constantly tweeting about little known facts and engaging each other in a contest of tweets.
I also follow some because they are engaged in some awesome causes that I like to share and tweet.  Of course, sometimes, after a while I lose interest and clean up my Follow List and soon they are gone.
Last week, I was watching an exchange between Shamar Moore and Paget Brewster of Criminal Minds and the jests that were flying back and forth were assurances that they were just as playful and frisky as the rest of us.  The fun banter and flirtatious comments were cracking me up and helped me see Paget Brewster in a whole new light.  However, some of the fans of these actors seemed to be going into hyper drool.  As I scrolled some of the comments that followed those tweets, I was amazed at how desperate some of those people sounded.  They were literally begging these actors to follow them with comments like “My life would be complete if you followed me” and “I’ll just die if you don’t follow me.”
Really?  Getting some actor to follow you on Twitter would be your crowning life achievement?  Your existence means nothing unless a character of a sitcom becomes your friend on Facebook?  That is your ambition in life?  What does that say about where we have come as a people?
I feel sorry for some of those in the entertainment industry who merely wish to go to work, do their job, and then go home.  They never get to just live like the rest of us.  I know, you probably think that’s the price of fame and they make enough money to put up with it.  They are a public figure and as such have lost the right to privacy and normal people following them.  I disagree.  They are people doing a job.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  There are other professions out there more deserving of the crazed fans, careers like teachers, soldiers, firemen, social workers, and so many more of the underpaid but meaningful professions.  Our society has lost its sense of what is truly important and it has never been so apparent as it is on social media where the world can see the desperate, depressing behavior of those with nothing better to do with their lives than to follow those in the entertainment industry and make of them gods.
Never beg for someone’s attention, no matter how much of a celebrity they are.  People who are good at what they do deserve respect, not worship.  And you deserve a little dignity.


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