“No charges against George Zimmerman after girlfriend withdraws threat allegations”……

Image: George Zimmerman listens in court during his Nov. 19 hearing (© Joe Burbank/Pool/Orlando Sentinel/AP)Zimmerman  

So how lucky can one guy get? Are you kidding me? Charges dropped AGAIN? I’m sorry, but he must have some kind of *Magical Powers* when it comes to women. When they arrested him this time, it was because his current girlfriend called 911 during an argument they were having at her
house, and supposedly they are/were sharing. She said he was threatening her with a gun, and then threw her out of her OWN HOUSE!

Then reports from the police said, he had not ONE GUN, he had 5 GUNS in
his possession!! WTF? And now his girlfriend, or maybe now EX, but she is calling him “Her Boyfriend,” has withdrawn her threat allegations? Something doesn’t smell right to me. I WONDER how much he PAID her to drop, and recant her allegations? He sure has to be the luckiest guy I know!

Although, I do believe “KARMA” is going to show herself very soon. And Karma can be a Real B_ _ _H when she comes knocking. I do believe O.J. Simpson is a perfect example of a person who committed MURDER, got lucky in his trial, (Because it was a 3 ring circus) and was found “Not Guilty,” but years later in a real DUMB robbery, “Ms. KARMA” came calling for O.J., he was arrested, and is now where HE should be, IN JAIL.


(NBC) “George Zimmerman won’t be charged with any crimes after the woman who told authorities last month that he threatened her with a gun during a heated argument recanted the allegations, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Samantha Scheibe, who refers to Zimmerman as her “boyfriend,” said in a sworn affadavit obtained by NBC News, that she felt overwhelmed during the argument and intimidated when she was questioned by police about the Nov. 18 incident.

Her statement was attached to a motion by Zimmerman’s attorney seeking to modify the conditions of her client’s bond in his domestic violence case.”

(CNN) — George Zimmerman’s girlfriend is asking a judge to lift an order that blocks her from seeing him and says she doesn’t want charges filed against him.

In a court document obtained by CNN Monday, Samantha Scheibe says she wants a no-contact provision against Zimmerman lifted so the couple can “talk and be together.”

“I am not afraid of George in any manner and I want to be with him,” she says.

Zimmerman was arrested on November 18 at Scheibe’s Apopka, Florida, home after the two had a heated fight. According to a police report about the incident, Scheibe said that after an argument, Zimmerman broke a table with a shotgun and then pointed it at her “for a minute.”

But in a signed affidavit filed by Zimmerman’s attorney, Jayne Weintraub, Scheibe says Zimmerman “never pointed a gun at or toward my face in a threatening manner” and claims police misinterpreted her.

“I believe that the police misinterpreted me and that I may have misspoken about certain facts in my statement to the police,” she said. “I do not feel that the arrest report accurately recounts what happened.”

Zimmerman is accused of aggravated assault and misdemeanor counts of domestic violence battery and criminal mischief in the incident. His arraignment is scheduled for January 7…….

“So what are your thoughts? Are you as outraged as I am? Do you think he will get into more “Criminal & Legal” trouble? WHY would this Samantha want him back? I fear for her SAFETY, do you? Even though a court and jury found him “NOT” guilty in the “Trayvon Martin” case, my heart & thoughts TELL ME DIFFERENT…..It’s only a matter of time.” This must be torture for “Trayvon’s” family to Mr. Zimmerman be an idiot, keep getting arrested, and get “HEART BROKEN” all over again as he gets off again and again! My heart goes out to them. I’ll be counting the days. What really piss’s me off about George is that ONE DEATH, A PRECIOUS LIFE have be taken, how many more will die when they cross the PATH OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN? HOW MANY MORE?…..


 R.I.P. Tray………..

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

3 thoughts on ““ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME”???

  1. George Zimmerman is not really lucky. Even if man’s justice did not catch up with him God’s Justice will. Instant Karma is about to kick in for him, however being that Zimmerman is an egotist, psycho and a sociopath he won’t see the result of his evil actions until it is too late. Hopefully no more innocent person will be hurt or injured by this gun nut. As my parents used to say, “What goes around comes around and God Don’t like Ugly.”


    • You got it BABY!! I feel the same. I FEEL he a Danger to others. If nothing else, he should be in Mandatory Therapy! *Cat*


  2. Thank you very much Ms. Glynis…..I do appreciate award nominations, as it helps me share *HOPE* to others in Recovery a little bit Farther! *Cat*


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