A Great Place For Recovery! Meet Melissa & My Interview By Her On Her Blog!

Hello Recovery Friends, and New Visitors,

I was had been SO busy trying to design and upload my NEW Writers/Book blog here on WordPress, that I almost forgot to “invite” all of you to my good friend, “Melissa Killeen’s” recovery and coaching blog. I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from her a few weeks back to let me know the “Recovery Interview” we did was done and UP on here website!

So I wanted to “Invite” you to come read my “Interview & Articles” Melissa was so kind to do about me, my book, and my personal story of my Gambling Addiction and Recovery journey. She is an “Expert” recovery coach that knows how to help others with addiction problems, “Shares Hope” to others like I try to do here on my own Recovery Blog. Here is her Website Link: http://www.MKRecoveryCoaching.com/2013/12/8/gambling-addiction-beginning
*Here is a little info about Melissa, and what she offers!*

Melissa Killeen

“My goal is to have clients experience a blend of recovery and business tools to create the fruitful interpersonal relationships needed to maintain long term sobriety and life success.”

Melissa Killeen .   melissa killeen.

Melissa Killeen, MSOD, MPhil, is an established executive coach with broad understanding of entrepreneurial businesses. Her unique specialty is working with the recovering entrepreneur or business person. Melissa has more than 15 years experience in personal recovery as well as 35 years as a small business owner and in executive leadership.

Her goal is to have her clients experience a blend of recovery and executive tools through coaching. Every client wants to form the fruitful interpersonal relationships that are needed to maintain long-term sobriety and life success. Melissa guides them towards this goal. She encourages executives to maintain critical business relationships by retraining them in communicating the ‘right’ messages.
Through various assessments she informs a client on how to deal with difficult people in a sober manner. She helps them build both business and people strategies to optimize their businesses’ performance. She encourages new skills to develop intimacy. Often Family Recovery Coaches are introduced into the process to guide the family in working through the challenges of living with an addict and accepting the changes sobriety brings forth…..


“I want to thank you for all you do for me as my coach. I know you are always there for me. I appreciate all the time and energy you take to share with me. Life is full of surprises. Who would have thought you would become such an important person in my life.
Carol, Vice President of a creative company
in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, PA”

“As a therapist, I found it difficult to come to grips with my sex addiction. I thought I had to be perfect. But I had these hidden secrets. You never shamed me for my secrets. You were there for me every day, whether I wanted to talk to you or not. You allowed me to do one of the most difficult things I could ever have done, disclose my addiction to my spouse. As, you predicted, my life did not fall apart, it improved. You were indispensable to me, and I wholeheartedly recommend you to all of my clients seeking help in recovering from their addictions.”
Patty, Therapist, South Western NJ…..

*What more do you need to know how “Melissa” can transform lives with the caring services she offers to those with addiction. So please come by and read my “Story” and interview and explore all she has to offer on here Website!*
You can contact Melissa Killeen here!

Contact Recovery Coach Melissa Killeen.

Melissa Killeen is one of the top executive recovery coaches in the US. Melissa specializes in helping executives in recovery from addiction rebuild their lives and their businesses. Email to schedule a FREE one-hour recovery coaching session at: MelissaKilleen@MKRecoveryCoaching.com, call country code: 00-1 US area code: 856.745.4844 (Eastern Standard Time/United States) or SKYPE Melissa at: mkrecoverycoachinghttp://www.MKrecoverycoasching.com

Melissa will help you move forward in your recovery!


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