A Mother’s Loss And Call To Action…..

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As many of us know, addiction has no bounds when it comes to who it will touch. Even though I have no children of my own, I have 4 nephews who I helped in being a mentor in raising them to be respectable young men. But no matter how well their mom did in raising them, in being an example of right and wrong, one or two may stray. It’s all part of the “Growing Up” process. One of my nephews became addicted to drugs.
He just stopped calling me, and I was told by his brother he couldn’t be found anywhere. Finally, his mother called police and reported him missing. 8 months went by, and finally they found him in a crack house!

NO parent is ever ready for their child to become an addict. My nephew went into Rehab and got clean. So, it maybe problems with Alcohol, or maybe Drugs, Gambling, Porn, or any other addiction that may present itself during their life. But thank goodness there are caring people in the addiction & recovery communities who are always ready to help. And the MANY Websites & Blogs for help and support. This is true for a good friend of mine, “Arlene Rice”….

As a mom she did everything right, but she still lost her son “Gabriel” to chemical dependency in April 2013, not even a year yet. Arlene and I met through LinkedIn, and when I read her profile and all she is doing through a project she has going in the “Memory” of her son, I knew I had to “SHARE” her  “STORY” to as many people, and “PARENTS” as I could!
So here is more about Arlene, her son Gabriel, and how a LOSS has been turned into a CALL TO ACTION!



*Here Beautiful Son Gabriel*
ARLENE graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2008 where she earned her Master of Divinity Degree in Christian Education with a concentration in Women’s Leadership.

After graduating, she served as Adjunct Faculty Instructor for Women’s Studies at Boyce College, the undergraduate school for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Gabriel’s Mom graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2008 where she earned her Master of Divinity Degree in Christian Education with a concentration in Women’s Leadership.

After graduating, she served as Adjunct Faculty Instructor for Women’s Studies at Boyce College, the undergraduate school for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Other instructing opportunities at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary included Online Adjunct Faculty for The Institute for Christian Leadership (ICL) School where she taught an online class in Women’s Leadership Skills.

As the Women’s Ministry Institute Consultant for Southern Seminary for the Women’s Leadership Program from 2007-2011 her experience included consulting with women ministry leaders regarding their ministry training needs.

As an Adjunct Faculty Instructor for Brown-Mackie College-Louisville she taught Anatomy & Physiology to nursing and healthcare students.

A registered nurse by trade, she serves as one of the staff nurses on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Her passion has been open heart cardiovascular nursing. She served many years as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor, Basic Life Support Instructor, taught Basic Electrophysiology and EKG Interpretation, as well as presented in-services on topics such as Basic Immunology of the Cardiac Transplant Patient and Understanding Idiopathic Hypertrophic Sub-Aortic Stenosis.

While working as a nurse for an outpatient surgery center in Louisville, she wrote a case study article called “Sweating Through a Malignant Hyperthermia Code”, which was published in the Health South Corporate Newsletter.

Arlene has been a contributing author to two books: “The Hidden Person of the Heart: What God says About Women and to Women Through Scripture (a book written by minister’s wives, gathered by Janet Wicker. Books with Hope, 2012). And “Women at Southern: A Walk Through the Psalms” (a book with many contributing women authors associated with Southern Seminary, Louisville, Ky, gathered by Jaye Martin & Alyssa Caudill, 2010).

Volunteering in her home church included ministry opportunities such as: Adult/Women’s Discipleship Coordinator, Evangelism Coordinator, New Members Coordinator, Youth Sunday School Director, and Church Clerk.

YOU can read her extensive profile on her website, and the project she put together in memory of her son called: “Gabriel Projects 930!”  http://gabrielproject.simplesite.com  and here is more about her site, what she does for others to help parents avoid the loss of their children to chemical dependency, or any addiction……
Her Personal Message is…

“It is my heartbeat to spur people on in their faith, to spur them to walk worthy and to spur them to live the abundant new life Christ offers. Shed the old life, walk the new, and thank God for a brand new day.” 

“Another aspect of interest is to offer individuals the living hope of God in the midst of uncertainty or crisis, especially to families who have a loved one in the midst of substance abuse or have suffered the loss of a loved one to chemical addiction.”

“There is no greater joy to me than to see people live out their lives in an active faith of the gospel. I want to be on the front lines helping to train them to persevere in the faith, even when the road gets tough.”


Gabriel Project 930

Beautiful boy. Honored to be Gabriel’s mom.
Welcome to The Gabriel Project 930!

The Gabriel Project 930 is a ministry focusing on four projects created in memory of my son Gabriel, who struggled with chemical addiction.

Gabriel passed away on April 12, 2013 from an overdose.
The four projects include:

The “Stay Clean” Project supplies individual sackpacks with men’s personal hygiene items to Sober Solutions, a sober house based in Louisville, Ky. & Indianapolis, In., for men coming off the street seeking to “get clean.” Items have been donated by individuals, groups, and churches. The cinch packs are delivered monthly as needed.

The “Hope” Project is a faith-based outreach ministry to families who have lost a loved one to chemical addiction. The outreach is based upon conference style sessions.

The “Breaking the Silence” Project, is the speaking aspect of the Gabriel 930 Project. Encouraging families in the church and outside the church to break their silence and to seek help and support. For many years I sat in the pew of my church silent about how addiction was destroying my family.

The “Fight for Me” Project advocates and informs communities about chemical addiction legislation laws such as Naloxone Laws, Good Samaritan Laws, and Casey Laws (Kentucky).

I’d love to come and speak to your group about lessons learned, the do’s and don’ts of dealing with an addict, confronting the addict, setting boundaries, and recognizing enabling traits. Or would love to tell you my personal story of persevering in the faith even in the midst of tragedy.

PS: Wondering why 930? Gabriel’s birthday is 9/30…..

So I INVITE each of you to please visit her wonderful website, become involved, and lets SUPPORT Arlene in helping other parents not go through, or feel the heartbreaking pain of loosing a child to drug addiction, or ANY ADDICTION. The reason why Arlene’s story hit home for me is that in the worst of my own addictions with Gambling and sometimes too much Alcohol, is I tried “SUICIDE” not once, but Twice! NO ADDICTION is worth a “PRECIOUS LIFE”! That is why it was important for me to “Share” how Arlene turned her loss into a CALL TO ACTION!
It’s exactly what I did. After reading about a woman I had never met before, had committed Suicide because she had a very bad “Gambling Relapse Binge” and shot herself in her Casino hotel-room. The story was written and printed in our local newspaper. My heart dropped when I read about her. WHY? Because I could have been HER! So I wrote my personal story of my life with gambling addiction so NO OTHER PERSON would feel “SUICIDE” was the ONLY OPTION they have to stop addiction!

No LIFE is worth less than Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs, or ANY Addiction. Arlene is a “TRUE INSPIRATION” to me and many others. Listed below are the different ways and projects to support Arlene, and her son Gabriel’s Memory. So “Click” and get more information, or better yet, GO give her Website a Visit!

Gabriel Welcome Notecard

Each Gabriel Pack includes a notecard with a picture of Gabriel and a message welcoming the men to the sober house. A personal note can be written letting the men know who specifically donated an all-inclusive filled Gabriel Pack.

  • Gabriel Welcome NotecardPrice: 0.25 USD

    Add to basketYou can also request the pack be given in honor or in memory of a loved one or someone you know who struggles/struggled with addiction.

Gabriel Project 930

*I want to “THANK ARLENE” for letting me share with all of you the “Beautiful” work she is doing through “The Gabriel Project 930” and my Love, Hugs, and Prayers to her and her Family. When we help one another with our own Stories? It’s really a Powerful Way to Help Others!

Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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