Cats And Recovery Do Go Hand~N~Hand….How Animals Help Us Recover!

Welcome Recovery Friends, Seekers, and New Visitors,

I’m a Cat lover! And yes I admit! Many of you knew that already, and I still miss my 2
Kitty’s who are being looked after by good friends until we move back to So. Oregon. But not a day goes by that I don’t think about my, “Mr. Buttons & Ms. Callie”…..
Animals are very important to many in recovery, and those who suffer from mental & emotional disorders. Many of our Armed Forces and Vets have dogs who help with depression, and ease symptoms of PTSD. My babies helped me with having “Purpose and Caring” for them. They eased some of my symptoms of depression to help keep me from isolating, or be withdrawn into myself to much.
Take it or Leave it...Or Scratch it!
THIS is actually True!


It’s been a while since I have had a “Caturday Spectacular”…..and tribute to all animals who help US as much as we LOVE them. They sure do become part of the family. Animals can be a lot like little kids, as you never know what they will do at any given moment! That’s what makes them so much fun. And that can be with ANY animal. So lets enjoy some *Loving Our Pets As Much As Family Cuteness*!

Happy to See You Too, Mr. Fox!
. I think this fox is happy to see her?
What Happened to the Rest of Them?
Oh I couldn’t resist this one!

I Made You a Scarf...
. My Cats LUV Yarn!. WHAT MOM?
Aargh! The Potato LOOKED at me!
*This is one of my Favorites* He looks my Mr. Buttons when he was a Kitten!
What Ever You Do, Don't Wake the Sleeping Kitty!
*Well, sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we HOPED*
Who Needs a Security Guard When You've Got This Guy?
*They bring us JOY and Security in one Package*!
It's a Vicious Cycle
I Take it Back!

He's Kissing it All the Time!
*OH MY*….
Both a Little Confused...
Cute Cats Come in All Different Packages!

So no matter how your animals come, rescue, adopted, pet store, or even BOXED!, we love them just as if they are a part of our families! I know I miss both my babies. I miss taking care of them, and all their cute little surprises. But we do have a NEW handsome fellow named “Peter-Simon” who comes and visits me each day. He is our neighbors cat across the way, but I have been spoiling him with cat treats, wet cat food, and a lot of Love! So it seems no matter were I end up, cats seem to find and adopt me! Even if it’s a part-time buddy, I’ll always Welcome the love of animals! Oh and by the way, I hit a new Milestone here on blog TODAY,…..

200 Posts!



Congratulations on writing 200 total posts on Recovery Ramblings Blog  ~ Author Catherine Lyon.

God Bless Everyone!.

2 thoughts on “Cats And Recovery Do Go Hand~N~Hand….How Animals Help Us Recover!

  1. All Pets, Cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, horses, etc… provide unconditional love and acceptance. They give never-ending nonjudgmental support and encouragement. They lick away our tears, comfort us by staying beside us when we are bedridden. They are faithful and loyal. Pets are the Love of God made manifest on this earth.


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