“Who Says You Can’t Be Funny In Recovery”? Enjoy a laugh or Two!….

Hello Recovery Pals, Readers, and Peekers!

Because of the “Subject Mater” here on my recovery blog, I know it can be Dry, Boring, and at times hard to talk just addiction and recovery. And I know I say it often, that just because those of us who do live life in recovery, doesn’t mean we are “Unfriendly, Grumpy, or never Laugh or Giggle”….Hell No!

We enjoy a good “Joke” or two just like the guy. It’s called having “Life Balance” in recovery.
I will admit at times, it is hard to find New material to share with all of you that maybe you haven’t read or heard before.

But my GOOD Recovery pal, “DaveJ” who also has long term recovery, has taught me how to REALLY enjoy life in the moment! To spread my “Funny” wings, and he shares and keeps me in good material to share. He TRULY is a fantastic guy, who is blessed with a wonderful wife, and family. He lives in upstate New York, and really is a “Comedian”……He doesn’t mind when I “Gossip” about him…LOL….

But I always know you have to give “Credit” where credit is do! He knows I LOVE HIM TO PIECES!
SO HANG ON TO YOUR FUNNY BONES, here is what he sent me yesterday, and I added a little too!

*I do feel bad for all of you who are stuck in this!!! Where am I? Sunny Arizona where it will be 75 Today! I’m so sorry….*

If you don’t laugh at this, you must be dead.

A little old lady went to the grocery store to buy cat  food.
She picked up four cans and took them to the check-out counter.The girl at the cash register said, “I’m sorry, but we cannot sell you cat food without proof that you have a cat. … A lot of old people buy cat food to eat, and the management wants proof that you are buying the cat food for your cat.”
The little old lady went home, picked up her cat and brought it back to the store…They sold her the cat food.The next day, she tried to buy two cans of dog food.
Again the cashier said “I’m sorry, but we cannot sell you dog food without proof that you have a dog. A lot of old people buy dog food to eat, but the management wants proof that you are buying the dog food for your dog.”
So she went home and brought in her dog. She then was able to buy the dog food.
The next day she brought in a box with a hole in the lid. The little old lady asked the cashier to stick her finger in the hole.
The cashier said, “No, you might have a snake in there.”
The little old lady assured her that there was nothing in the box that would harm her.
So the cashier put her finger into the box and quickly pulled it out. She said to the little old lady, “That smells like SHIT.”
The little old lady said, “It is, I want to buy three rolls of toilet paper.”!!….LOL!

Does this look familiar?

*This is just wrong on SO many levels*!!…LOL….To Much Information?
.*YUP! It’s The WEEKEND*!!




* And they said it wouldn’t LAST *
*Made You Smile with this one Right*??.

*Just So Cute*!
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
PS…..LAUGH! It’s OK to DO! XoXo

2 thoughts on ““Who Says You Can’t Be Funny In Recovery”? Enjoy a laugh or Two!….

    • You mean the “DOGGIE” with Outer Space Ears?…LOL…He has antenna’s Like no other WOMAN I’ve seen!…LOL…Thanks for coming by.

      Hugs! *Cat*


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