YES, There Is Such A Thing As “Addicted Gambling Hangover”….

IT IS:, Feelings of anxiety, regret and sickness following a gambling binge. Originally introduced in 2008 as part of a NSW (Australia) Government advertising campaign aimed at young male problem gamblers. Created by Sydney agency The Campaign Palace on behalf of the Responsible Gambling Fund. More info at
Wow! I’ve got a heck of a gambling hangover – I dropped $300 at the casino last night….


I just happen to come across a “New Addicted Gambling Help” website that I found extremely fantastic. They have an area for others in recovery to “Share” your story of your experiences with problem and addicted gambling. And as many of my blog friends here know, I can NEVER PASS on sharing my testimony of what I went through with my own gambling addiction. Even having long-term recovery, when we share with others, it’s an excellent way to keep US from ever becoming lax or complacent even in my own recovery and helps keep “Relapse” at bay.
We all seem to use addiction for one reason or another. I remember my mom telling me onetime when I had started my addicted gambling treatment for the first time, yes….it took me a couple tries,…LOL… and after I told her that I was in treatment and therapy for gambling, and because some of my childhood punishment was very physically & verbally hard on me, ( not to mention the sex abuse )  she said to me, “I don’t know why those things are bothering you, they don’t bother your brother and 2 sisters,”..I was thinking in my head, YEAH RIGHT!
My older brother had “Anger & Drug” issues, my older sister became an “Alcoholic” with 5 DUI’s racked up, and my younger sister also has “Anger” problems, has an Evil attitude, and over indulges with “Alcohol.” Right, none of your OTHER kids had any problems, OK mom, what ever you say. My father too was a pretty heavy drinker back in the day.
I happen to get an email from a man who is part of the Gambling Help website named, “Counsellor Sam,”….and he let me know that they added my story of Addicted Gambling & Recovery to their website. He also said some very nice things to me. So if you have sometime on your hands, I’d love for you to go to their very “Informative and Helpful website,” and read what I had submitted to them. It is up and listed as, “Catherine’s Story.”
I’ll also be adding their site to my “Gambling Recovery Resources Page,” “click on Read Stories” and mine will be there.
Also, Counsellor Sam’s blog here on WPress, He is always blogging good info about addicted gambling.
Here is just a sample post from “Counsellor Sam’s” fantastic blog!;

Shame and Gambling

People experience a complex range of emotions while gambling. Some emotions are undeniably positive such as excitement, surprise, and hopefulness – and individuals may gamble in the hope of experiencing such feelings. Unfortunately another emotion is also often experienced while gambling: shame.
Shame has been defined as a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the feeling of having engaged in wrong or foolish behaviour, or finding oneself in a regrettable and unfortunate situation. It is an uncomfortable emotion that we want to escape from as quickly as possible. This can be dangerous, as we can then find ourselves stuck in a trap, whereby to rid ourselves of the feeling of shame we engage more frequently in the behaviour that is driving it. This is often the case with gambling.
Tony* has played the pokies ( slot machines) with increasing frequency over the past six months. As he loses more money and keeps more secrets from family and friends, his feelings of shame increase. This leads Tony into a cycle of shame and gambling. The cycle starts with Tony bargaining with himself – “If I can just recover my losses, I’ll never gamble again and no one will ever knowWhen Tony loses more money the next time he gambles, he starts to have negative thoughts about himself – “There is something wrong with me and I should know better” – which leads him to gamble in order to escape the negative thoughts he is experiencing. This cycle continues and Tony finds himself increasingly trapped between feelings of shame and a desire to escape through increased frequency of gambling.
This shame cycle contributes to increased social isolation, further financial loss and may act as a real barrier to seeking help. If you or someone you know want to beat the cycle of shame, confidential and expert help is available around the clock by calling Gambling Help on 1800 858 858.
So go take a peek at Sam’s blog, especially if you or someone you know maybe a problem gambler. We can beat this ugly illness as the very 1st first step is to “admit to yourself and another the Gambling has you licked”! “HELP is only a Phone Call Away”….
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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