“Another Mental Illness Shooting At Fort Hood”…REALLY?

OK,…Here we go again. Another person who had been transferred from another base installation to Fort Hood base, I’m sorry but it seems another person has fallen through the cracks of proper “Mental Health Care Services! What the hell? So here is a “Thought Provoking Blog Post” for yeah write weekly writing challenge #155 weekend moonshine grid.
I just blogged a few weeks back about how the “State Of Arizona HAS Mental Health Services” RIGHT!  I suffer from Bipolar Depression, Adult Attention Deficit disorder, Anxiety, and Panic with Agoraphobia, and take meds, and since I relocated to Arizona via the State of Oregon, due to the different LAWS here, I had to get a New Psychiatrist, a new Mental Evaluation, at a new center and have to be monitored every 3 months, with a Monthly Check In,” with a counselor there at the service center.
NOW, with all the paperwork and information I had to give in the form of paper and computer, how is it that the government along with STATES can’t USE this information as part of a “GUN CONTROL” system for the Mentally Ill? All they would need to do is come up with a simple system to add to the “GUN PERMIT & PURCHASE PROCESS” that should FLAG YOU if you come up with receiving Mental Health services & under a doctor or psychiatrist care, then YOU DON’T GET A GUN  OR PERMIT TO BUY ONE!
YES, I know, I’m really pissed off that we just can’t get this done, or at least fix these Loop Holes. And the loop holes of purchasing weapons at “GUN SHOWS.” Just because you maybe an Active Military Service member, SHOULD NOT MEAN YOU can automatically buy or HAVE A GUN PERMIT & GUN! I feel the same about Law Enforcement personal as well.  Do we not know that these two employment area’s have a very high “SUICIDE RATE” due to the mental & emotional toll of these employees seeing so many “TRAUMATIC EVENTS” day in and day out in the line of DUTY? I just don’t get it! Where is the Government & State’s common sense?

This image was obtained by CBS 11 News.  Sources confirm this image is of suspected shooter 34-year-old Ivan Lopez.

 Sources confirm this image is of suspected shooter 34-year-old Ivan Lopez

What makes this story more tragic is, Ivan Lopez was known to have mental health issues! RED FLAG PEOPLE!! Another thing, WHY does it take the “Military Mental Health Services” 4 Months to do a mental evaluation of a person? Especially on a person who already has issues? It took me ONLY 2 WEEKS at my “New Mental Health Center”?  There is NO good reason for it to take 4 months, which is what is being reported in the Media to know if someone is suffering mental & emotional disorders!  4 Months?…. REALLY?
I’m sure you have read about this tragedy, or have seen it on the news, but here a just a few snippets of some facts about this very sad tragic story:

Emerging information about Army Spc. Ivan Lopez, who killed three people and injured 16, some critically, at Fort Hood on Wednesday, paint a picture of a troubled, perhaps injured soldier who was seeking treatment for mental problems before his transfer two months ago to the Texas Army base.
The Iraq war veteran, who drove a truck for his unit, is at the center of an investigation into the third major attack by a service member on his own comrades in five years. When a Fort Hood police officer drew her gun to confront Lopez during a barrage that involved two buildings at the base, he turned his .45 caliber handgun on himself, officials say.

Lopez was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but had not been diagnosed with that illness, Fort Hood officials say. They also say that he had reported a brain injury – a concussion apparently not related to his military service.

Lopez spent four months in Iraq in 2011, the year the US ended its combat mission there. Military officials are reporting that there are no records showing Lopez was engaged in combat during his tour there.

I’m NOT sorry to say this, but his government let him down. They asked for his service of “Duty & Honor” to fight for his country, and then he comes home, and they let him down by not giving him the proper “Medical and Mental services” that he needed. Yes, Ivan shot and killed people and himself, but I feel that he was let down by the same government he worked for. NO ONE ASKS TO BE MENTALLY ILL.
Another tragic event that cost the lives! Now you can say, “Oh it’s not the Guns that kill people, people kill people”……that is a load of “Crap”! Ivan should NEVER have been permitted to BUY A GUN TO BEGIN WITH! So, as a person that suffers from Mental Health issues, I’m not ashamed to say that, WE who suffer sometimes need to be helped to keep our selves safe from hurting others and ourselves.
Suspected shooter Ivan Lopez (Credit: CBS News)
Suspected shooter Ivan Lopez (Credit: CBS News)
Now a wife has no husband, a child has no father, and many families are mourning the loss of their loved ones.
And all the government & “Officials” have to say about this tragic event is this?
“Obviously, we are digging deep into his background, any criminal or psychiatric history, his experiences in combat. All of the things you would expect us to do are being done right now,” Lt. Gen. Mark Milley said late Wednesday. “There are initial reports there may have been an argument in one of the unit areas.”
“The Pentagon has responded to the shootings with a variety of initiatives, but Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said after Wednesday’s tragedy that the repeated soldier-on-soldier attacks on military installations suggest that “something’s not working.”

*You bet your SWEET ASS something’s NOT WORKING*!!
My heart, thoughts, and prayers to all the families involved and loss of Life..
God Bless All, and God Bless America,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

3 thoughts on ““Another Mental Illness Shooting At Fort Hood”…REALLY?

  1. All very good point….But I don’t look at as a others “Labeling” me. I do think people have “The Right To Bare Arms” and protect their family & homes, but I have to disagree with you about letting those WHO ARE BEING TREATED or under Doctor care should not be allowed to buy a firearm.

    How many more shootings, or loss of innocent lives and tragic gun related events is it going to take before our Government make the changes need to keep NOT ONLY the Public SAFE, but the person who HAS Mental illness or disorders.

    I’m sorry you feel that you can not trust Medical or Mental Health Professionals to help you, if you feel you may have some problems with depression, or any other difficulty. But,……many like yourself who feel the way you do are not maybe getting to feel better, have a BETTER Life regardless of Meds or not, and there are very GOOD all Natural & Homeopathic meds, as I take a few myself.

    It’s when others SELF diagnose them selves, stop taking meds, or undiagnosed is where we have the Problem with others harming themselves or others. Look at the woman in Florida who drove her Mini-Van into the ocean……WITH HER KIDS IN THE VAN?? I hear it ALL the time by those with Mental illness & even people in Recovery, about not being a LABLE or NOT NORMAL…….ALL I can say is, if a person is a Diabetic,…they have to take insulin to maintain there Health. Well, it’s the same with Mental or Emotional illness.
    THERE is no shame…..The shame comes from your preconceived notions of What YOU think others may think……..Even you Blogging and Writing about it IS a form of therapy 🙂 🙂

    Good Discussion! I appreciate your feelings about this issue. *Cat*


    • I think you may have misunderstood my stance on allowing people to own firearms who are currently on mental health medication and under the regular care of a psychiatrist or psychologist. I don’t think they should be allowed to own firearms. However, if the person was was treated for depression for six months with a combination of drugs and/or visits with a psychiatrist, and were deemed to be stable and better after those six months, they should be allowed to own firearms if they don’t have any relapses in a year. There has to be some protection for those who don’t have chronic mental health issues, to be able to own firearms. As for my distrust of mental health professionals, I mean it in this regard. When I was in the Army, I had to take this absurd 300 multiple choice questionnaire. According to the results of said test, they determined that I had a problem with authority, which has to be the biggest load of horse manure. I don’t have a problem with authority. I have a problem with corrupt authority, and really, EVERYONE should have a problem with corrupt authority. Secondly, I don’t want somebody to slap a prescription on me, without exhausting every other option to help me get better. And you really have to scour and dig to find a psychiatrist or psychologist who doesn’t want to put people on a pill right off the bat. I know I’m doing a smashing job of taking care of my own mental health issues. I might benefit from counseling, but I don’t believe I’m at a place where it’s necessary. My husband has been the best help and counseling I’ve ever had. 🙂


      • All very TRUE! 🙂
        Husbands are a great help. Mine? I have taken him to “Hell In A Hand Basket and Back” and he still just keeps on loving ME! You seemed Blessed the same! *Cat*


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