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Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, And Welcome New Visitors,

Today’s recovery message comes from my good friend and fellow author; “David Wilson.” I received my weekly email from his inspirational blog each week, and thought this weeks really speaks recovery.
It shows that we all can see or hear the same thing, but we all my interpret it differently from one another. It’s the same with recovery. We all come from different paths of addictions into recovery, but each one of our testimonies, our stories are much different from each other…

*Today’s Thought* ~

Two men look through the same window just after a rain storm. 
One sees the muddy ground that will hinder his daily chores, while the other sees the sunshine that brings warmth and brightens the day. The difference in each man’s view is caused by their different belief systems. Their belief system governs their perceptions and how they choose to believe. It’s the classic question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” It all depends on your perception and the way you think about it.  Keep in mind the saying, “The Sea Can’t Sink a Ship Unless it Gets In, and Negativity Can’t Drag You Down Unless You Let it In”.

*Courtesy of my friend; “David Wilson” of *


I believe this to be very true in recovery as well. Many get stuck on that part of incorrect thinking when we first start recovery. Especially addicted compulsive gamblers. We want instant answers, things to happen right now! Now we all know that won’t happen, so we have to learn ‘Patients’…

We need to work on our core belief that addiction has up licked, so we enter recovery because we keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result that never happens. The same damn thing happens, more negativity, sabotage, and more pain from gambling and loosing more money, from drinking and can’t stop after a couple of drinks, and we need to shoot up once again, because were coming down and just can’t handle it! So we continue the old ‘behaviors and habits’ for a quick fix, and instant gratification. We have forgotten how to ‘feel’.

A good example of this is 12-step programs. Either for AA, GA, Na, and others. Many come for a bit, and then stop coming because they feel that the “Unity & Fellowship,” along with a ‘Higher Power’ automatically makes a 12-step meeting a “Religious” program, when we all know that is not true. That part of the program is to be stronger than just ONE Addict, and so we come together in “Unity” for a common goal and principles of the program. We share fellowship so we know we don’t have to be alone in addiction or recovery. We have support of the fellowship as we read the combo book together in our meetings, then we share our experiences, strength, and hope for the other part of our meetings. We share our past, present and today, trying to stay in, or attain recovery from addictions. Many people do believe in God, and his son Jesus Christ as their personal choice as Higher Power, but we use HP so all who come into fellowship can believe in who ever is their own.


That’s the beauty of a 12-step programs. But as our ‘Today’s Thought” shows us, we all can see one thing but all believe something different. Hey, there are ‘Many’ recovery options out there today. Even on the Internet. We have no shortage of awesome recovery programs to seek support, treatment, and to be with others like ourselves. There are hundreds of good support groups as well! One of my favorites is …They have info and support about every type of addiction out there! Another great place in which I also have a recovery blog at is; Recovery Author, Kate Stevens… Addictionland,…

What you have to ask yourself if your still being a participant in your addiction is,….are you willing to look inside yourself, truly admit you are an addict?  Denial can be a funny beast, and will keep us from the help and life in recovery we deserve, being clean, sober, and bet free! So those are my recovery ramblings and thoughts for the day!
I hope you all are enjoying your long holiday weekend friends!
SO,….You have any ‘Thoughts” about today’s topic?
Many Blessings Friends,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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