“Just Some Recovery Thoughts On My Mind” Safe Harbor Is The Place To Be!

Hello And Welcome Recovery Friends & Visitors,

One of my favorite recovery communities is at ‘Safe Harbor Compulsive Gambling Hub’….
There is a wonderful, supportive, online community of recovering gamblers of all levels. New, long timers, those having trouble, and more. What I like about it is that we keep it real on that site. I go read others posts to see if someone maybe having a struggle, offer some encouragement and see how all my pals are doing.
They also have a posting board where you can share your ‘Burning Desires, a live Chat-Room, and they offer Online Meetings’ as well.  So I went to go post their today, and had a lot on my mind, so I thought I would share a little of what I shared there.  I’ve met many wonderful friends & recovery supporters through this site, and it’s a one of a kind website that’s really all about “Just Gambling Addiction” which is hard to find. Visit them here http://www.sfcghub.com/

As the late great Maya Angelou quoted as saying,

“I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights.”
Maya Angelou…

Image: Lighthouse & mountains (© Gregory Olsen/Getty Images)
Safe Harbor Gambling Recovery Support.
Now this quote does make a little sense to me. Just like when I hear in my GA meetings about people behaving badly,….LOL. “Take what you need and leave the rest.” It’s interesting to me when I meet new people who are just starting their recovery journey from the cunning addiction of compulsive gambling. It’s like, I believe it was todays ‘The Thought Of The Day’…. “We start to FEEL again”… and I’m sure you know, when you get a full room of recovering addicted gamblers in one room, in different stages in their recovery, I’ve always think, “We could sure use an arbitrator in here”! because everyone’s feelings are all over the place right”?
But I do pick up on things others talk or write about too! ( Carole) Yes, each new day really IS a fresh new start of another day! Doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, you can’t go back and change it, so just live for today, and in this moment right?
( KH ) Mentioned that members here at Safe Harbor are a source of comfort! Yes, Safe Harbor and all who come to post, chat, and attend the meetings, are a wonderful group of people here. It’s why I keep coming back! The ‘Unity & Fellowship’ here is fantastic. I have met some many very good friends & supporters here at Safe Harbor. And like ( Joni ) said, “we are ALL trying here to live the best life we can away from the BET”. She is a woman full of ‘Recovery Wisdom’ my friend Joni. [biggrin]
And one other thing that caught my eye was, ( Dave Of BK) mentioned in his post he shared, “No gambling establishment made me gamble or be a compulsive addicted gambler,” and what TRUTH that holds. We are the one’s who made that choice to gambler or not. And WE are the same people who can make that choice to get help. To stop being sick and tired of BEING sick and tired. We alone are the one’s to step off the merry-go-round of the addicted gambling “Cycle” once and for all. To reclaim our lives back! It also brings a nasty memory back to me about one of my gambling outings.
I think I may have shared this story before, but I’ll do it again. Back in my addiction days, I used to go to this Bar/Tavern in Oregon, which had up to 6 lottery video poker machines in their bar. See, the state of Oregon’s Lottery has Video Poker & Slot Style machines allowed as part of their lottery offerings. I was there playing on a machine, and this lady next to me kept going to the ATM machine taking more $$$$ to keep gambling. After the ATM machine cut her off, most likely due to her limit was maxed, or she had no money left!
The bar owner let her right a personal check. In the hour and 1/2 that I was there, the bar owner let her right more personal checks to the tune of $1300.00. She kept saying, to her Machine Mind You while playing it, my husband is going to kill me for writing checks! She told me the amount of what she wrote before I got up to leave. I WAS PISSED that the owner of that bar let her right all those checks!! He doesn’t care if they ‘Bounce’ or not, he still gets his percentage of kick backs from the machines from the state lottery!! So I ask, is it really all the addicted gamblers burden? The bar owner has NO part in that?
And that’s why I advocate against the”Stigma & Societies” view about addicted compulsive gambling. If the Bars can do alcohol control and cut you off if you look or act drunk, then I think they can do the same for addicted gambling. I’m so tired of everyone just putting it back on the people who are addicted. Not when gambling is expanding through all the US States Lotteries and all the Indian Casinos being built everywhere. No, I don’t feel gambling should be banned, nor do I have ill feelings towards those who gamble responsibly and for the fun value.


What I do have a problem with is ‘Predatory Gambling’ expanding so much that it makes it more and more difficult for those in recovery to stay in recovery. Especially those in early recovery. So those are my thoughts and burning desires to share with all of you today”!
So that is what I shared about today on Safe Harbor. I also shared my link to my blog here as I updated my Recovery Resource Page. I’ve added a couple new gambling addiction sites for good information and support. We can never have too much info right? If you happen to know of any good blogs or websites for recovery of addicted compulsive gambling, please leave the link in the my comments and I’ll be happy to add it to my page of resources.

God Bless All,
Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Author Of “Addicted To Dimes” A Memoir

8 thoughts on ““Just Some Recovery Thoughts On My Mind” Safe Harbor Is The Place To Be!

  1. I would never have thought of that…it’s akin to the betting companies that are shown in the breaks between sports matches showing the fun of winning and even asking ‘how will you spend yours?’ as if it is a given. Gambling needs regulation but then again so do the banks and they are the biggest gamblers of the lot!


    • Your so right Steve! Now these FOBT machines are popular in the UK right? I hear many are against them. Like I said many times before, with or without an Odds Machine, if people were making money hand over fist by gambling? There would be a whole lot more people doing it as a Living! Don’t see many people like that now do we?….LOL. Catherine 🙂


      • Yes we have lots of the FOBT machines…they employ a cunning device in our country of putting the betting shops as close to the nearest bank and pub as possible. There is a backlash over here and you make a fair point…gamblers remember the big wins but never all the losses in between. I used to enjoy the odd pound in the pub quiz machine because I knew I probably wouldn’t win but I got to learn something so that was nice but after a while due to three of us taking a lot of money out of the machines, they bumped up the questions to stupid obscure stuff that didn’t even give you a chance to reason them out…that is when I had the sense to stop.


      • I hear ya! When I was still in So. Oregon, the state lottery there now has Keno, Video Poker & Slot style machines everywhere!

        You can’t go to a pub, bar, or tavern without them being in there. Also at all the dinning establishments. If you serve food & booze? They can have up to 6 machines in their establishment.

        Makes it pretty hard for those of us in recovery! The expansion of gambling is getting out hand. Between Casinos, Indian Casinos, and State Lotteries, it’s becoming more like “Predatory Gambling”….. It’s time the government and our State legislators step in and slow it down, but that won’t happen as it’s the “Profits” they are after!
        Very Sad… Cat


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