I Welcome Artist & Poet Sarah Beth Wheeler To Lyon Promotions

A beautiful and talented recovery Poet & Performer! Please come read and meet my good friend Sarah Beth Wheeler, a SPECIAL FEATURED RECOVERY GUEST!
*Catherine Lyon*

Cat Lyon's Reading Den

Today we are in for a little something different. As many know I live life in recovery from addiction for over 8 years. It’s what my first book is about. It is my memoir and story of overcoming and triumph. Well my guest today is a beautiful poet and singer as well. She has her debut CD release, and it is so moving and her story set to poetry with music undertones. It is a listening experience” that will touch you deeply, especially if you are in recovery. And you’ll go on a deep journey of one woman’s life story if your not.
So please meet my friend Sarah Beth Wheeler, and her CD titled;
“The Unforgivable Ghetto” .  .  .  .

Now available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Unforgivable-Ghetto-Sarah-Beth-Wheeler/dp/B00TMM7MHQ

Cover+idea+6 Sarah
Back+Cover+idea+1 Sarah

I know I tell you this all the time, but God seems to bring many people into my life at just the right moments, and he…

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