The Peaceful Protesters Anthem

I remember the riots in CA, city of Angels happened in 1992 about Rodney King. . . . . and now in Baltimore. Watching on CNN the destruction of a city that was already hurting in so many ways.
When will America really start putting race behind us? When will our police departments stop profiling black men? When will our cops stop killing young men for no reason? Is it really the year 2015?
Or have we went back in time to the riots of Watts in 1965?
Or back even further?

When will we, as human beings love each other for what is inside our hearts, instead of the color of our skin?

“For my Spirit and Heart is Broken, and I’m sad for the communities in Baltimore ~ Prayers” .. .. .. Author, Catherine Lyon

2 thoughts on “The Peaceful Protesters Anthem

  1. Hi Katherine, I rarely get time to read all of the followings I have on my list in any regularity because of the many things I’m doing but this one I’m compelled to comment on. I don’t think we’ve back tracked any on discrimination of any kind. On the other hand, I don’t think we’ve made any significant progress with it either since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. As long as there are folks still with the mind-set of other folks being lesser human being than they are, this will continue. As for the recent events in Baltimore, this whole thing was spurred by a FATAL ERROR on the parts of the arresting officers, alone. We humans tend to generalize things like this to a whole group without first considering the actual event. We tend to group negative things in this manner. It is very, very unwise. Yes, these men were very, very wrong in how they handled that arrest. I’m not really sure they really needed to be arresting Freddy Gray, but the fact is that they did. What was wrong was how they handled him. The only way he could have sustained such a serious injury as a severed spinal cord was through extremely rough handling; perhaps when they shoved him in the car without protecting his head? Who knows, but what has happened is the focus has moved away from the ACTUAL INCIDENT to a generalized blast! That is wrong. The INCIDENT, itself, needed to be addressed better. Now, let’s move beyond the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” The protest was intended to be peaceful, and, for the most part, during the day, it had been. What I see going on is a combination of media flood and exploitation coupled with the very large criminal element capitalizing on the situation. The criminal element has piggy-backed themselves on the peaceful demonstrators, blending well so as to not be identified, causing the looting, damage and injury. The media, it is GROSS LACK OF OBJECTIVITY continues to inflame the situation with their “analysis” which is really a fancy word for opinions. They need to stay out of the area and just report. There is enough emotion present in that situation already without them feeding it some more. At this point, the people there – from the top down – need to take a step back, breathe and calmly assess the situation, address it in a logical manner using the law as it is SUPPOSED TO BE USED, and the town’s folks need to just calm down and go home. Enough is enough. We are aware of their plight, but as long as they are out there, the other factors in the mess will also continue to be out there and the focus of the demonstration will continue to be LOST.

    For these folks demonstrating, I understand their emotions about discrimination. They ARE NOT ALONE. Discrimination continues to thrive in all groups of people – not just the African Americans. Women continue to be discriminated against. Fat people are discriminated against. The mentally ill, veterans, etc…..Let’s get real, people! We humans know better! We know we should be doing better, but factions of folks still continue to perpetuate hate to others. We continue to destroy our Earth and other species. I have said this before and I will state it again: Humans are the MOST STUPID SPECIES ON EARTH. Why? BECAUSE WE KNOW BETTER BUT WE FAIL TO IMPROVE AS A WHOLE. We are selfish, self-serving…..THAT is why we continue to see incidents like this. We CHOOSE NOT to grow with wisdom and kindness. We tend to let our emotions rule our actions and that is STUPID. We just know better…..

    Thank you, Dear Blogging Friend, for posting this. You opened an avenue for me to spontaneously vent and opine.

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    • Oh my *SWEET* Island Girl I couldn’t have covered all the important parts of this post reply if I tried!!
      It is what I love most about you, you KEEP IT REAL like your fabulous blog says. And you are spot on about all points. As a collective nation, we all need to act with KINDNESS, and yes, it is a choice, and will take to the moon if you wish instead of rambling around in hateful “what if’s”. . . . Thank you for your thoughts and feelings about this heavy topic. I feel the same when it comes to the News & Media putting their “spin” on the topic which it seems to me get the bad and trouble makers the “spotlight” that they don’t deserve.

      And your welcome here to vent anytime! It’s a safe, no judgmental blog to have a voice to be heard here. Be it Recovery or just the hot topic of the day! I hope all has been well & blessed your way 🙂 XOXO
      Catherine 🙂


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