I Welcome Authors, Shaaren Pine and Scott Magnuson and Their New Book Release, Torn Together.

A brand new recovery book release I wanted to also share here on my recovery blog with all my readers! This one I feel will be an Amazon Best Seller soon! Happy Readings Recovery Friends 🙂

Cat Lyon's Reading Den

New Book Release . . .

I am so honored to welcome ‘Two New Authors’ here to Lyon Book Promotions!

Please meet Authors, Shaaren Pine and Scott Magnuson. Now to be honest, we all will learn more about their amazing new book release, and a wee bit more about them together. Scott happened to reach out to me to see if I could help promote their fantastic new book, and of course I said yes. Why?

Because it is a wonderful book about addiction, recovery, and about one family who thought they were not strong enough to weather this storm, but they did! And with the family in tact! It is an inspiration to share their story of ‘Triumph,’ and help promote their new book release.

Now most all my readers know, I live life in recovery as well, and I enjoy sharing these types of reads. So lets learn more about the book titled, Torn Together: One Family’s Journey Through Addiction, Treatment, and

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