“Sometimes We Need To Look To Our Past In Recovery To Be Humbled In Our Recovery Today”

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“Yes, sometimes we need to look to our past to see the growth in our present recovery. It is why it is important to journal each day about what worked that day, what maybe didn’t work for you, or just to see on the pages how well you’re doing in your recovery journey.”

Having a heart of “gratitude,” and becoming “humble” is a tough thing for many of us when we first start out on our recovery path. We seem to not feel comfortable in our own skin. Why? Because we got so used to not looking” at the addict looking back at us in the mirror.” We didn’t like THAT person looking back at us. It isn’t who we truly are inside. We have beaten ourselves up so much within our addiction, have become so weak and sick, and just decided to throw that ‘pity party’ for ourselves, instead of telling that sick person looking back at you that you are much stronger than that person in the mirror.

But, I can tell you this, you will one day be able to love the person you become in long-term recovery. When you begin to shed all that ‘drama’ and choose to walk away from the sick ‘cycle’ of your addiction? You then will begin to ‘heal’ that brokenness inside you. I know this because it is what I went through when I chose my path to recover. And that was after being ‘dual diagnosed’ with gambling addiction, alcohol abuse, mental illness, and suffering many emotional disorders from my past traumatic childhood, sex abuse, and two failed suicide attempts.

TRUST ME, if I can overcome all that? Then I know you can choose to recover! So lets look back to some of the blessings and opportunities that came my way after my first book was released, and the blessings of sharing my own recovery testimony with many recovery places on the web. No, I’m not wanting to toot my horn here, I am sharing this with all of you, especially the new recovery visitors who stop by my blog today, so you can have an example of how much I have grown in my own recovery.
So I hope you’ll take the time to go listen or read the website and links I provide, so you can see that it is possible to recover no matter how far deep into addiction you maybe. I’ll start with the oldest to the newest, and much of it has been shared here on my recovery blog. And if you live life in recovery as well? I’d love to read your comments on what keeps you in recovery 🙂

Article at My Addiction ~ 4 Parts   Click here to read “The Beginning.”

Help With Gambling Addiction .com ~ Article
Help With Gambling Addiction ~ Article

Recovery Guest Author Interview with Kevin Cooper!
Yes, I also do many Blog Talk Radio Shows when I get invited!! Stephen Roberts of ‘Cancel The Cabal” is one of my favorites that I’ve done. We talk for 2 hours about all things Gambling Addiction and my book & story.
Blog Talk Radio Show with Host Stephen Roberts of Cancel The Cabal

Article by Columbia University Dept. of Epidemology, Elaine Meyer.  .
My Story In A Major Media Gambling Addiction Article



So these are the ones I am most honored to have been given the opportunity to share my story of addiction and recovery, and the ones I am most proud of. As all my recovery friends know, I never pass up an invite to not only share my testimony, but to be able to give HOPE to others in recovery, or those just reaching out to reclaim their life back from gambling addiction. And you will see how much growth I have accomplished in my own recovery in the past years.

I do respect the 12-Step program of Gamblers Anonymous, that being anonymous is OK, but for me I never got comfortable with that guideline. Why? Because in order to break the Stigma around those of us who live in recovery, I feel the only way to do so is for us to keep sharing where we have been within addiction, and where we are going in recovery! Of course this is MY own opinion, not anyone else’s. It was also my choice to write and publish my own story so others can understand more about an addiction that is still not talked enough about.

This is my God-given purpose in life, and I vow to change this about addicted compulsive gambling. I will never stop educating, informing, and raise awareness of gambling addiction to the public. It is the only way I know to let the public have understanding of this addiction, and hopefully more people will have wee bit more compassion for those who battle taking their life back from this destructive disease. This addiction isn’t about the money wasted, it’s about your LIFE.

God Bless Everyone,
Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Recovery Advocate

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