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Ok recovery friends, here is a wonderful new recovery blog that my good friend Sarah Beth Wheeler has! She to is in recovery, and is very passionate about raising awareness of drug abuse. We all get a second chance at life, thanks to the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ.
And she shares Just That! Go take a visit and follow!

sbeth4real's Blog

Hello All!

I need all the love, help, prayers, support as you can give me? I have been praying since the beginning of this CD project for the message God gave me to carry to be spread wide and deep!

Each track on this CD was heavily prayed over and into!

I am also a mom of 3 amazing kids and like any mother I have bills! A mortgage, electric, gas, car, food! You “get it” I am so sure you do!  Don’t we all? Well, I believe in following your dreams AND being able to support my family on it! I know God has His favor upon me!

Will you share any of the links that I do that are in regards to the CD? Will you help me make my dreams come true? Poetry is often a tough sell but this CD is not Just Poetry, it is so much…

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