A Fathers Day Message To My Dad ~ Happy Fathers Day To All Dads!

Happy Fathers Day to all the Recovery Dads Today!


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Isn’t 9 1/2 years a long time to not talk to your Daughter? .  .  .


Dear Dad,

Today these things you will never know,

That I’m thinking of you today on this Fathers Day.

That I do love you even though you have no relationship with me.
That I know your another year older, as your 80 now, that doesn’t give us much time to make amends.
That you hurt me by just cutting me out of your life for what reason?
That mom would be upset that you don’t speak to me or your son Robert.
That you have a grandchild, Roberts son you don’t bother to see or visit.
That even when I was riddled with addiction? You were 930 miles away, and you where
not a part of that drama.

That a daughter can turn here life around and be a better woman in Recovery.
That I feel YOU should give me a 2nd chance like my Father in Heaven has.
That you never accepted me for WHO I AM TODAY.
That I have accomplished so many blessing in my Life and Recovery we could have celebrated together and SO MUCH MORE.

That the pain of not having you in my life has been unbearable all these years .  .  .  .
“I thought you taught us kids to love your family no matter what?”

Your Loving Daughter Catherine
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5 thoughts on “A Fathers Day Message To My Dad ~ Happy Fathers Day To All Dads!

    • Oh I didn’t mean to make you cry. . . honest!! But like the title of your WP blog, sometimes I write my heart! Fathers Day is a wee bit hard for me.
      It just reminds that another year has gone by without talking or having a relationship with my dad. I’ve tried to avail to make amends, for what? I’m
      not sure. But I had to come to respect his choice. It’s sad that may choose to pretend you don’t exist than to work things out. Besides, better to write
      out how I’m feeling than hold it in 🙂 I’m around your age too, and oh aren’t those hormone coaster rides FUN! HA!

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