An Addiction Tragedy, Michael Jackson ‘Gone To Soon’ 6 Years Later


Hello Friends, Readers, and Welcome All,

August 1958 ~ June, 25th 2009
Michael Jackson, R.I.P

Now you are most likely wondering why I would want to share anything about a musician and entertainer right? Well, it’s personal.

Michael was a singer and pop icon that had so much controversy around him with his drug abuse, and many allegations. Many of which I never believed. And no doubt he had a drug addiction, but the inappropriateness with kids? Never Happened! I never believed that. However, I know what it is like when you suffer high anxiety along with cycle insomnia before I started meds for my own mental/emotional illness and disorders. And I surely understand he was also suffering from childhood abuse and trauma that was only obvious by the things he has done. Turning his home into a mini Disneyland for other kids and more. I feel he tried to make other children happy, and do the things he never got as a child. As we all know his father was abuse to those boys.

Besides Michael being The King of Pop, I actually got to see him briefly. Well ok, he did walk past all of us dancers trying out for the Jackson 5 World Tour, the last tour with Michael as lead singer. I went for open call try-out in May 1981. I had graduated from high school earlier then my classmates, March of 1981. Of course I was in much better shape then I am today.  I was only 18 and half years old. Everyone looks great at 18. And I was an avid dancer, and I had won many contests and dance awards for free style. So my BFF and I decided to go to open auditions for the Jackson 5 Triumph Tour that was to run from July thru Sept. 1981, and I wanted to be one of the dancers for the tour!! Crazy right?

BEST TIME EVER! We had a blast, and it was an experience I won’t ever forget. My BFF Deb didn’t make call back, but I made it to 2 call backs! I didn’t make it through to be part of the tour, but I made the top 75! So, when Michael passed away, it really hit me hard. I never believed all the negative things he was accused of, but I will admit he did do a few things through the years that made me think, “Michael what were you thinking?” .  .  .  .

So now it has been 6 years that he has been “Gone To Soon,” and I still love listening to his music, as it brings back many wonderful times I had through the 80’s. I still find it hard to believe I have been out of high school now for 24 years, and MJ is no longer with us.

Where does the time go! So I wanted to do a little ‘Tribute’ blog post about MJ, and share my personal experience to show how much I loved him and his music when he was here, and how much I still love and miss him now that he has passed.

Kind of “corny” I know, but at least I have that fabulous experience of actually seeing him walk by all of us dancers with that beautiful smile on his face, the face before the drug addiction and drama. And now at least he is at peace.
As he cared for so many, for all of Gods creations on earth and his own children.

R.I.P. 💙.

Paris Jackson's photo.


He truly is and was a ‘One Of Kind Human Being’ .  .  .  . R.I.P.





“Gone To Soon” .  .  .

Michael Jackson ~ Passed June 25th 20 2009 ~ R.I.P

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