“How About Some Ramblings and Recovery Inspiration” By Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends!


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“Now is above not the TRUTH? I never want to go back to Hell, but as we know in recovery from the cunning addiction of gambling? I am always just One Bet Away” . . . .


GRAPHIC surpasses expectations


So much has been happening and going on for me that I felt it was time to share a wee bit of recovery ramblings and news.  It had been an amazing year for me in 2015.  And as I like to call it, many blessings and recovery ‘Perks’ had come my way! First off, my book has received a fantastic book review on Amazon from a Top #100 (currently #89) Journalist/Book & Arts Reviewer! Very humbled and was very surprised. You can give it read right here: Top Amazon Book Review of my Book

Now on the work front? My book promoting online business has really taken off! I just recently was hired by 4 New Recovery Authors to promote their new book releases. And what a unique group of reads and testimonies from all 4. We all know that our stories can be a very powerful tool to help others recover, make them feel they are not alone and helps to break down stigma . . . .



My next exciting news? I became a contributing writer and now Social Media Promotions Manager for a fantastic ‘Inspiring Treatment Directory, Addicted Minds’. . . .

They have a wonderful blog as well called, “Fresh Perspectives” and is where I contribute articles about gambling addiction and recovery. It is very refreshing to have a website who has included a section about Gambling Addiction. Here is a little more about them …



Catherine Townsend-Lyon (Social Media Manager)

catherine townsend-lyonWe are pleased to welcome Catherine to our team. She will be a great addition to our social media division. Catherine is a contributing freelance recovery writer for Addicted Minds, an expert blogger of gambling addiction on Addictionland ~ Blogger , a recovery advocate, recovery writer/blogger and runs her own Book Promotions business called, “Lyon Book and Social Media Promotions.” Catherine has fast become well-known in many addiction and recovery communities, and large following on social media. She shares her recovery journey through her book and blog titled; “Gambling Recovery Starts Here” and writes very raw and honestly about her recovery from gambling addiction and alcohol abuse. You connect with Catherine on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

“I feel there is no reason to sugar coat recovery. I keep it real, honest and truthful. Is recovery hard work? Yes, but if your willing to do the work in recovery? You will have a beautiful life from any Addiction!”

Addicted Minds Treatment Center Directory is an innovative online resource that provides expert advice and interaction from the world’s leading caregivers, physicians and mental health professionals. With expert authors contributing articles packed with helpful information, the destination provides fresh perspectives for those in need, as well addiction and mental treatment professionals. Its mandate: to connect those in need with a community of individuals who have overcome their addictions and are willing to share their hard-won recovery experiences with other individuals.  “Please call us today to list your treatment, detox, rehab and even recovery coach’s and individual’s who treat addictions” … 1-(561)322-8105 ask for Matthew Steiner …

I am so proud to be part of this team and the directory at Addicted Minds & Associates. I enjoy writing articles about my personal experiences of gambling addiction and recovery on their “Fresh Perspectives Blog” to give an in-depth personal view.

Now my next recovery project maybe for a fantastic ‘Top Recovery Magazine’ called; In Recovery Magazine . . .
The Editor in Chief has invited me to place my book in a fabulous ad with them, and asked if I wanted to write a recurring column for them. They even have a Radio Show too!


Cover, Fall 2014 issue, In Recovery Magazine

We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but I am really pondering this one. It would help me share my message of HOPE in Recovery to many more people. And continue to raise awareness and inform the public about the dangers of becoming addicted to gambling. And this would be a great way to do just that. And of course I am still getting ready to
publish BOOK TWO very soon! And I did a few more radio shows as well last year.

My most recent was with Host, David Snape and friends from the UK.
We talked about my books, gambling addiction and more. So if you’d like to take a listen to our interview? Just give this link a “click” and listen.
https://soundcloud.com/david-snape-3/interview-with-catherine-townsend-lyon/  . . .


So I Wish You All A Very Happy and Blessed Recovery New Year!




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