Your Life Has Meaning. How Do You Define It?

We all can use some Positive Inspiration in our recovery journey. So after reading my dear friend Marilyn Fowler’s Self-help blog post today, I thought this post can apply to all of us in Recovery . . . *Catherine*

Self-Help Road To Freedom & Living Well

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In our world we long to be heard, to connect and know we’re not alone. Our life needs to matter in some way. So we apply meaning to almost everything, to people, situations, and conditions in life. Then they make sense to us, and we can relate to them. We create our outer world, but we’re seldom aware of our own involvement in our creation. We simply act and react. But there’s another world inside–the place where we give meaning, or lack of meaning, to our own life as a person.

“The meaning of life: To shine a light where there is no light and take responsibility for shining that light.”  ~ Noelani Musicaro

We’re all born with a gift, our own unique voice that speaks to the world like no other. When you shine that gift in your outer world, you

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