Iconic Singer “Prince” Dead At Age 57 After Sharing He Was Writing His Memoir.

Just a day of mourning, shock, and another Music Legend gone way to soon … My Tribute to PRINCE …

Catherine Lyon 😦

Cat Lyon's Reading Den

“PRINCE DEAD At AGE 57 ~ R&B, Rock, Funk God, Talented Musician and Artist.”

News broke today going worldwide of an iconic 
and well-loved musicians of our time, especially the 80’s, has passed away in his Minnesota Mansion ~ Paisley Park Studio. How it happened is still under investigation, but many are shocked and in mourning. I never heard of any drug or alcohol use by Prince, but he had been battling the flu or illness.

“I hear the doves crying for our loss.”

Prince helped many up and coming artists get their foot in the door of music and entertainment industry like Sheena Easton, Carmen Electrica, Apollonia Kotero, Sheila E, and Vanity, who died at age 57 as well.
Isn’t that strange?”


“Leave it to Prince to announce his new memoir with a last-minute invitation-only performance at a Manhattan nightclub.”

“The good people of Random House have made…

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