“Just Legalize It At Federal Level Already!”

“Stop Busting Legit Growers & Legalize Cannabis AT FEDERAL LEVEL!”




Isn’t time to stop clogging our jails, prisons, and court system with unnecessary pot growers being raided and busted first and asked questions later in a Federal Court hearing? How many thousands of growers get the Federal law-book thrown at them when they follow the rules at the state level, but DEA thinks otherwise? No matter what, YES, there will be people who “do the wrong thing” and let’s face it, that happens all the time. We are not talking a major drug that is killing people like Heroin or Oxycodone. See for yourself by reading this: Rates of marijuana use among Colorado’s teenagers.

Cannabis has been around as long as Jesus! And it is used by many cultures and countries around the world for healing and much more for generations. There are good people growing it for medical purposes to help many with seizures, pain, cancer, side effects from other power drugs given when people are sick or with a chronic or even end of life illness.

And what about the income of profits? Just think of the millions in federal tax the federal government would be raking in? The legit growers don’t mind “paying their fair share.” It would be a big help to lower our countries bloated deficit!


I’m not the only person who feels this way. Here is an example of my good friend Ken Abraham, Deputy Attorney General 1974-1979,  Founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE!


Letter to the Editor – Quit Pussy Footing Around! 6/24/16

Good Lord! Some states are doing everything except legalizing marijuana: decriminalizing it, making it legal to have a tiny amount, etc. At the federal level, we see the same sort of pussyfooting around.

The federal criminalization creates all sorts of serious problems for states where pot is legal. One of the worst is that those businesses cannot get bank accounts, so they have large amounts of cash on hand – a temptation for robbers (there was a recent robbery with a fatality, which prompts me to write this letter). So now there is a Bill introduced in Congress to prevent the expenditure of federal funds to punish any bank doing business with Pot businesses! Wow, what a back-door bunch of baloney; why not just allow banks to do business with marijuana businesses! It is time for ALL states and the federal government to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana; no more pussyfooting! They will eventually; we just need politicians with common sense and courage now!

When California legalizes pot in November, the floodgates will open. Once the benefits are seen on such a large-scale, many will see the light. But how many more people must suffer between now and then? How many more pot-related homicides must there be? How many billions of dollars in lost revenue will continue to fund outlaws instead of going to create jobs and into state coffers?

How many billions of tax dollars will we continue to waste on prohibition?

It is absurd. Quit pussy footing around!





Ken Abraham, Deputy Attorney General 1974-1979, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE



Visit Ken’s Website!

        430 Kings Hwy., Suite 414, Dover, DE 19901

Founder, “Adopt a Prisoner” Church Reentry Program,

  And founder of no more organizations this decade!





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