A Must Read Guest Blog Article About All The Police Killings of Innocent Black Men …

I never look to my African American friends for answers to black crime issues. I look at what is inside one’s Heart not the color of their Skin. We all bleed red which makes us all equal, human, and all our lives matter.

White people are not stupid, we do understand what is going on in this country with police racially profiling black men. But they also racially profile immigrants and many other races.

How about we come together in Love, Peace, and Kindness. It is what will keep us NOT Divided … Catherine Lyon

Cat Lyon's Reading Den

When Is The Killing Of Innocent Black
Men Going To Stop?


Philando Castile
Philando Castile


Alton Sterling

I wanted to share a very interesting Blog Post by Justin C. Cohen regarding the two recent shootings of two innocent black men just going about their day until they came across encounters with police. WHAT the hell is going on in AMERICA?  When did people become SO immune to this disgusting break down of today’s Society in America? Are we getting closer and closer to the “End of Times” here on earth? Can someone explain this to me?

Here is how Justin sees it . . . .

“Advice for White Folks in the Wake of The Police Murder of A Black Person”…



Yesterday, Alton Sterling was executed by a police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The video of the encounter is gruesome, and it should shake you to…

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