Modern Deadly Ambiguity: Mass Shootings, Guns and the Mentally Ill

A new blog friend of mine who happens to be ‘knowledgeable’ in the mental health field. I found this past blog post exceptional and wanted to share it. Especially with the continued mass shootings now all over the world and still in the US. By Dr. Frank …

Catherine Lyon, Author & Columnist for In Recovery Mag

Pen and Psychiatrist

The media is now filled with various statistics quoting the factoid that in over 200 days we have had over 200 mass shootings in the United States. Mass shootings are variously defined as a shooting incident in which three, or now more commonly the definition requires four victims by a perpetrator. The victims may be all in one site like the James Holmes Colorado theater shooting, or in more than one location where a shooter will shoot usually first members of his (recalling that most mass shooters are male), a spouse or estranges spouse or intimate partner, and then shoot members of the public at another location.

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