Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Recovery Friends. Share What You Are “Grateful” For This Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Recovery Friends. Share What You Are “Grateful” For This Thanksgiving?

Hello, recovery friends and new visitors! I thought it would be fun for all who come to visit my blog over the long holiday weekend, share what we all are “grateful” for in recovery and in life. The holidays always seems the time of year we look back and reflect on the past year or even past holidays with friends and family.

Not everyone has family around the holiday time, so I have a Heart of Gratitude to all my friends here and throughout social media that care and support ME in recovery and in friendship. This also so true who like me who have mental health challenges and have been turned away by family …… So I am very aware there are many with NO family or support. Know you are cared for and supported here!!



So please, let me and everyone know what YOU are Grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend in my comment section and please ADD your Blog Link as I will be giving an Ebook away of my book; “Addicted To Dimes” to one of the commenters after the Thanksgiving weekend! Maybe we can all meet some new people in recovery by listing your blog links too! So here we GO!

Here is what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving.

“I am SO grateful for my husband Tom. He does SO much for me due to my battle with Agoraphobia with bouts of depression. He also has been through a lot with me from my “gambling addiction” days and showed me through the years, and was very serious when we took our wedding vows: “for better or worse, rich or poor,” well you know the rest.

I am also very GRATEFUL for all of you who support me in my recovery which I am also grateful for.  Recovery gave me life. A better life than before I became an addict.”

Now make sure you share what you are Grateful for this Thanksgiving  🙂

I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

*Cat Townsend-Lyon*


5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Recovery Friends. Share What You Are “Grateful” For This Thanksgiving?

  1. I am grateful for my wife, Linda, who encourages me to be my best self. I’m grateful for my sons, who are wonderful guys. I’m especially grateful for my new daughter-in-law.

    I am grateful for friends, and work, and for family with whom I have reconnected after a long estrangement. I am grateful for poodles, and my garden, and for opportunities to learn.

    I am grateful to have reached an age at which I understand the priceless quality of each successive moment. And I am grateful to you for this blog. I learn so much from it.

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    • That was a wonderful gratitude list! As always, thank you for your kind words and I am happy some is learning from what I share here. And I appreciate you as well. Sharing your love of our “creator” is what keeps many of us connected by hearts and friendship. *Catherine* XO 🙂

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    • Hi Ebonyqueen and Stephen!

      I hope you both had a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving XOXO
      Ours was quiet with some Turkey and Movies all day. Very nice…. LOL. Hugs! Cat


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