Is Your Goal Setting Journey Successful…And If Not, Why?

MY Recovery Blog Wisdom Pick for the Weekend! This sure applies to those living in Recovery! SET GOALS, Be Brave and Move FORWARD…
By, Author, Marilyn Fowler …

Self-Help Road To Freedom & Living Well

It’s hard for our minds to stay in the present, and we tend to want a better future. So we set goals. We’re taught this principle with slogans like, “Going for the goal; success is measured by reaching goals; without goals, attempts at success are futile; etc.” Although there are many skeptics about setting goals, we’re a goal setting nation from individuals to large organizations.

According to the World Book Encyclopedia, a “goal is a thing for which an effort is made” or a “thing wanted.” Things you want generally fall into 3 categorieshaving, doing, or being something. Examples: I want to have a patio behind my house, or I want to learn French, or I want to be 10 pounds lighter. Each one suggests a goal. But we’re all different and reaching the goal may or may not involve a specific plan to get there. Some people…

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4 thoughts on “Is Your Goal Setting Journey Successful…And If Not, Why?

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