Together It Gets Better-Suicide Prevention Collaborative

Not only am I “touched” by this post, it is the most comprehensive post with amazing helpful information about Suicide Prevention and Resources!! So it was a No Brainer to repost to my blog recovery friends… Author~ Advocate, Catherine Lyon

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UPDATE: JULY 25, 2017

Hello everyone. On January 15, 2017, I posted this article about the Suicide Prevention Collaborative.  My sister, Renee Penticoff, is a co-founder of this organization. I received an email from her today, which is what prompted the idea to rerun this post.

In place of my usual Tuesday nutrition post, I have decided to honor this phenomenal organization by reposting this article. It is a wakeup call to help the thousands of teens across the nation, who are in distress.

Here is my sister’s request, in her own words:

Dear friends,

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of teens in the US and MN.  The good news is that suicide is preventable and YOU can help!
The annual Suicide Prevention Collaborative’s (SPC) “Together It Gets Better” 5k run/walk on July 29, 2017 is our main fundraiser each year (see attached flyer).  100% of the…

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