Why Your Sobriety Dates Are Important

I Thank my friend Victoria B. for being a loud recovery blogger and advocate. Her blog is my Recovery Pick For This Weeks “Featured Recovery Site” that is a must VISIT, informative and helpful…
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There’s no right or wrong way to achieve lasting sobriety. When it comes down to it, as long as you’re doing it in a healthy way, it’s really the results that matter. This is why there are so many different recovery resources available; although we have a tendency to gravitate toward addiction treatment programs as the go-to recovery method, there are a variety of others — such as twelve-step programs and other recovery fellowships — that can be just as effective in certain circumstances.

But there are certain aspects of recovery that are quite important no matter the method of recovery. For instance, while the means by which a person investigates the underlying causes of his or her substance abuse may change, the fact that those underlying causes are important and need to be addressed exist across the board. Similarly, when you’re just beginning your sobriety, there are certain…

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