March is Problem Gambling Awareness and These are a few Voices of Recovery.

March is Problem Gambling Awareness and These are a few Voices of Recovery.



Jim’s Story

When I was about 10, I remember sensing that something was wrong. I went upstairs and heard my dad screaming and crying into the phone. I heard him saying, “I paid you. I paid you. You’re not getting another penny out of me!” I remember his distress vividly, and it was devastating to me to see my dad in that way. Later, I learned he was talking to a loan shark because of financial problems brought about by gambling. Read more to find out how Jim’s family dealt with this struggle and what he suggests for other people who are experiencing gambling addiction.


Ann’s Story

Once I became hooked, it became my life. Gambling became my main source of entertainment. It was the only thing that I cared about. I’d cheat, steal and otherwise do whatever it took to get money. Read more to see what Ann learned about how to overcome a gambling addiction.


Eddie’s Story

It was late in the evening on July 16, 2002, and outside the Mystic Lake Casino Eddie and several friends waited anxiously for the clock to strike midnight. Eddie had already watched many of his friends celebrate their eighteenth birthdays at the casino, and he was excited that his day had finally come. Read more about what happened to Eddie and if he is still gambling today.


Christine’s Story

Within six months after the big win, I realized I bit off more than I could chew. I had given back all the money, and more. I kept chasing that feeling of the huge win. […] In 2004, I started a business that quickly had financial success. I had so much money that I thought I’d never run out. But eventually, I couldn’t even come up with postage to ship a package. I started selling stolen goods to cover my losses and eventually ended up in prison on a mail fraud charge. Read more about why Christine is candid about her addiction and how her life is today.

I hope my recovery readers will click on the blue links in each article and give them a read. I have always believed when others share their voice and story, it can save a life! I want to leave you with a link to listen to my recent Radio Show with Host and Author, Erica of Radio.MD and Rewired Radio of Los Angeles. My episode is called; “The Silent Addiction” and is WHY I began my book/memoir with this famous quote by:

~Robert Louis Stevenson, “The cruelest lies are often told in SILENCE.” 




REWIRED and RADIO.MD Recovery Interview

Duration: 25:55


When we talk about addiction, we often focus on substance abuse.

In truth, there are people addicted to behaviors and habits that can cause just as much damage to their lives as drugs or alcohol.

Catherine Townsend-Lyon understands this all too well. For years, she was addicted to gambling, what she calls “a hush addiction.”

Catherine shares her story of how she was able to free herself from this crippling addiction and how she uses this experience to help others get on the path to recovery, even when all hope seems lost.

“The Silent Addiction.”


Author and Advocate, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 

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