Recovering Out Loud

My Recovery Blog Pick For This Week!! Meet my new friend Shawn from Canada and his amazing recovery journey. No matter what “Devil” addiction unfolds as our HELL, together, supporting one another is a MUST! We all know “We Are Not Alone” … Catherine

Life In Detox

This afternoon I’m heading out to have some more ink done on my sleeve (left arm is a work in-progress, right arm is finally complete, including my favourite quotes by the Dalai Lama and Rhonda Byrne).

I love my tattoos and wear them proudly like the skin they’re now a permanent part of. They’re no different than a scar that commemorates a time in my life or a place in my past, the quotes reminding me of where am I and who I strive to be.

Some tattoos you can’t see, tucked away on lower backs and shoulder blades, beautiful secrets known only to those you’re intimately close with.

Recovery is sometimes like that. A painful process with a lovely outcome, quietly hidden from view like a dirty secret only we know about, permanently inked as part of who we are, and where we’ve come from.

And no one is…

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