Dual diagnosis in gambling addiction and mental health disorders. Special Guest Post By, Nicola Smith.

Hello Recovery Friends,
I wanted to reshare this guest article today because in light of the many lives lost recently due to suicide with mental health and alcohol which can be a deadly combo as we are learning. Being in recovery myself and have mental health challenges are being “Dually-Diagnosed.” It can make attaining recovery a little harder for us than most people. So I want others to learn what is dual-diagnosis and be informed. This I hope will help break down some of the stigma … Catherine

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As a dually diagnosed person myself, my recovery friends know it has been difficult for me to put into words how it feels to live and maintain my 10+years in recovery from gambling addiction while having mental health challenges.

So I enjoy having special guests here when I can that can write and explain it a “wee bit better” than I can. I welcome Author, Nicola Smith, and special thanks to Maegan Jones of Healthline.com for putting us together!
Catherine Lyon “-)

How to Help Depressed Loved One 2What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis is a relatively new concept in the addiction recovery field. Up until the 1990s, people experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder such as anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, delusional behavior or mood swings were often treated separately to people who sought treatment for addiction. In some cases, when conditions overlapped people were required to get clean or sober or overcome their gambling addiction…

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