Not Your Typical 12 Steps To Recovery

A new recovery blog and a new friend I found today that I wanted to share with all of you …I related to her post and feel as long as we just CHOOSE recovery, your journey and path HOW is up to YOU xoxo Catherine

Recover Urself

For the longest time, people have assimilated ‘quitting drinking’ and ‘AA’ quite closely. In fact, until I got sober, I had no real clue that there were other ways to get sober that didn’t involve the 12 step program.

For some people, it’s just not what our recovery requires.

railroad tracks in city

There are types of sobriety programs, post detox, are vastly different than AA, offering help in;

  • nutrition
  • therapy
  • group progression
  • access to animals
  • family and other therapy

The Clearing is one of these facilities, but there are many out there. Many of them can even be covered by insurance. With some quick research, I found a varied list with facilities who specialize in equine therapy to nutrition/ yoga.

Sanctuary Sedona is another one of these programs, that is basically in my backyard, geared toward the nature of Sedona very much being  part of your healing. These facilities are…

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